• 30th April 2020 - By adventuresofgreg

    Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO at AlgoLab Capital Management Ltd


    In this interview Mike Townsend interviews Greg Kolodziejzyk, founder of AlgoLab. In his 20’s Greg quit his job at a local oil company based out of Calgary Albert and started his own business as a freelance graphic designer. In 1994 his company, Image Club, was purchased for millions and Greg became financially independent. 

    With plenty of time on his hands, Greg shifted his focus to endurance training and completed 12 Ironman Triathlons, and multiple 100 mile run races in Alaska. Unlike most people, Greg has an insatiable appetite for pushing the limit, and so naturally the next goal became to do something that had never been done before… breaking world records!

    We discuss Greg’s adventures breaking multiple Guinness World Records including the farthest distance traveled in 24 hours by human power on land and separately on water.

    Interview with Greg Kolodziejzyk

    In the last 30 minutes of the show, we shift gears and learn about how Greg built AlgoLab, one of the best performing algorithmic futures trading platforms on the market. Greg talks about how he came up with the idea, why futures are an especially great investment category, and some of the reasons AlgoLab is doing it better than anyone else out there.

    You’re guaranteed to feel inspired after listening to this story!

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    • Mike Scirocco on May 18, 2020

      Great interview, thank you. Would love to use his services.

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