• 13th July 2010 - By greg
    Really great day today! We got an early start this morning ater a calm night at our moorage at Dodd island and headed to Seachart (sp?). Seachart used to be a whaling station and is now a small lodge and staging area for kayaks touring the broken island chain. Then Clive and I headed to Effingham island where I am now typing this email. It was a HOT day today – about 27 degrees which for west coast Vancouver Island standards is about as hot as it gets. I went in for a swim a couple of times – very refreshing!

    WiTHiN attracts a TON of attention and I love it. I really like talking to people about the boat and all the cool technology we have set up in here. Everyone wants to know all about it and its a great way to meet people.

    We will get up early tomorrow and head across the channel back to Ucluelet before the afternoon winds pick up.


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  • One Response to “Sea trials Day 5 report”

    • DD on September 10, 2010

      only 2 months until departure!!! On July 1st Greg will depart from Ucluelet, BC ”

      I guess something snafued, it is September.
      I’m in Miami, Florida, saturday I swam with manatees at Miami Beach. /

      DD/DDeden/the dude/ etc

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