• 27th March 2010 - By greg
    Hello! As I have been promising for a while, here is a video tour of WITHiN. I shot this with my new Gopro HD camera. What an awesome camera! It comes with a variety of very handy mounting options. I placed mounting brackets all around WiTHiN and in the cockpit and cabin so I can just clip the mini camera into a bracket, push a button and start shooting video. One 32 gig SD cards holds up to 9 hours of HD video. It’s water proof, shock proof and shoots through a very wide angle lens which makes shooting video and photos inside WiTHiN much more descriptive.. Google “gopro” if you are interested.Here is the video tour of WiTHiN. Enjoy:

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  • 5 Comments to “Tour of WiTHiN”

    • Diederik on March 28, 2010

      Greg, seriously, what a great video!
      It’s interesting to see how every design aspect and every feature fits in the concept, especially when you’ve followed you’re blog and know your search for the perfect fit for it.

      It turned out to be one badass boat, I even find it more sexy than the prototype Within. Whatever happened with that one? Rusting away? 🙂

      The best of luck with the sea trials, be safe and have fun!

      By the way, really cool sunglasses. 😉

    • Darren Cornwall on March 28, 2010

      Hi Greg, The vessel looks very well thought out… my only worry would be the locating pin on the tiller, could it detatch from the auto-helm arm? or does it lock down like a ball and socket joint? P.S. I hope you have an Ipod ! Not long till departure now….:)

    • david craft on March 28, 2010

      Thanks for taking the time to do the videos and publishing them. That is a great camera and videos! I really enjoy the tour and admire what you have done. What a great accomplishment to add to your resume!!
      Best wishes for the trip and thanks again!!

    • Jarl on March 29, 2010

      Great video! Only one thing I reacted a bit on, perhaps unjustified, but; You store some food and the cooking gear in the compartment with the battery and a lot of electrical components. Does the cooking gear inlude the JetBoil with a gas canister? Wouldn’t it be a bit dangerous in that case if the canister started to leak? Or if the food items leaks as well? (Guess to have mostly/only dry food but if not) There is no heat produced by the battery or electricity items that could cause damage on the items you store there? Also, the water maker in the same compartment, if that would start leaking from the tubes, could that damage the electricity and battery?

    • dinesh on March 31, 2010

      greg , well done , beautifully thought of and constructed covered all bases and my only concern was about the motor burning out because of the tremendous torque , also with the immersion suit carry a diving mask and fins , please.all the best and again excellent ! really well done .

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