• 23rd March 2010 - By greg
    I am transmitting this blog post from the Viliv mobile PC, UUplus software and my Iridium satellite phone as a test before we head out to the Pacific ocean next week.The solar panels came in from Goal 0 on Friday and they are really slick! Ken just finished installing them on WiTHiN and I think they are going to work out very well.

    They are rated at 250 watts, but those ratings are always theoretical. I would be thrilled if we ended up getting only 1/3 of the rating. I need the power to run electronics and equipment like the navigation light, the sat phone, the computer, the water maker, GPS, AIS reciever, my VHF radio and the Spidertracks tracking device. All-in, we’re talking about 400 watt-hours worth of power required.

    The addition of the Raymarine tiller pilot will add about 200 watt-hours, so a grand todal of somewhere around 600 watt-hours. If I end up only getting 1/3 of the solar panels rating, that would be 85 watts for about 12 hours a day (mid summer) providing me with over 1000 watt hours of power.

    This week, Ken and i will finish installing the panels and the new raymarine tiller pilot, then pack the boat, load it on the trailer and I’m off on Sunday. We could potentially have a cabin available on the support yacht if you have the time and are interested in a bit of adventure. If so, let me know.

    I’m hoping this post went through… Gotta love this technology!

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    • Willis Corbett on April 23, 2010

      It all sounds really good, please keep us up to date as to how it goes for you Sunday on ‘Facebook’, you have a lot of support there, (Will)- williscorbett@facebook.com

    • Sean T. Kellerhson on April 26, 2010

      let me start off by saying I love what you are doing. Both from a design and engineering standpoint as well as the physical standpoint. I am president of Walrus Kayaks. I have been kayaking and sailing offshore for my entire life. One thing that I noticed that could prove to be deadly on your boat is the line for your sea anchor has a non locking carabiner as well as no swivel. I would recommend swapping it out for a stainless steel shackle and have at least two swivels on your system. One swivel spliced directly to your line that you can attach your shackle to and one on the sea anchor itself for the shackle to tie into. If there is anything you think that I or my company could help you with please ask.

      Good luck.

      Sean T. Kellershon

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