• 5th March 2010 - By greg
    Another training ride – and another accident! For real this time!I was heading home on upper Springbank road at about 2:00 pm this afternoon – a bad time on Springbank road on a Friday because the high school is out early on Fridays. In the past, I’ve had apple cores thrown at me, oncoming cars pulling into my lane and heading straight for me, spit at, swore at. In fact, there was even a Facebook page last year encouraging fellow students to run a cyclist down (it’s a very popular cycling route).

    Up ahead I saw 2 cars in the oncoming lane. I knew they were high school immediately – old cars, packing with kids, speeding and tailgating – business as usual at 2:00 on a Friday. The blue car in the rear decides he’s going to pass his buddy in the green car, so he pulls into my lane. It’s a two lane road with no shoulder, so there wasn’t enough room for two cars plus me on my bike. The blue car realized this, and called off his pass by breaking and pulling back into his lane behind his buddy in the green car. Unfortunately, his buddy in the green car, also sensing this wasn’t a good situation, slammed on his breaks. You know what happened next.

    The blue car slammed into his buddy and in the process, splashed brake light and plastic bumper shrapnel all over me – that’s how close I was!

    I stopped, got off my bike and walk over to the cars. Both cars were PACKED with kids. I asked if everyone was OK. They all seemed fine, and I got the sense that they didn’t want me sticking around – probably out of fear that I might tear a strip off them, or call the cops. I figured that dealing with the damage and explaining it to parents might be lesson taught – but probably not.

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    • Dino on March 5, 2010

      I ride that road every year from Westhills then over the Bragg Creek and beyond. The drivers are brutal. They just do it to annoy cyclists. Glad all is well.

    • Mikko on March 23, 2010

      That sound evil!
      I’m glad kids here in Scandinavia have just a tad bit more sense of responsibility… Just enough to leave cyclists be, stupid as they may be in other ways.

      Pleased to hear you got away with just a startle.

      – Mik

    • Cyrille on March 23, 2010

      I was commuting home last night heading West on highway 8 – and much to my surprise, some bonehead ‘young adult’ was demonstating the effects of drugs and adoloscence. He was hanging out waist-high from the passenger side window. I couldn’t hear his elevated rant on the state of cycling around Calgary (since my ipod was tuning out his antics) – but had he leaned out any further, he’d have shown first hand just how bad road-rash can get. dum a##

    • greg on March 23, 2010

      oh man – frustrating hey Cyrille? little buggers…

    • Joe Nici on April 12, 2010

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