• 23rd October 2009 - By adventuresofben

    Hello all,

    Ben here, I am going to be the central hub or communication link between Greg, Jordan, Ken, Helen and all the rest of the team for a bit here and doing the blog posts. I will do my best to keep things as current as possible. Just a little FYI note…


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    • Theresa on October 24, 2009

      Hey Ben, Do you know why the Spider still shows he is in Calgary?

    • adventuresofben on October 24, 2009

      I do not maybe he hasnt turned on the system for that yet?!?!?!

    • Val E on October 25, 2009

      Hi Greg- Good Luck on your journey. Hi Jordan, hopefully you know how to sing and most importantly how to harmonize! Greg likes that when he gets bored and tired! Hi Ben! Thanks for going along. It’s better there than here. Lots of snow here!!!

    • Ben on October 25, 2009

      Actually I am still in Calgary Val. I am the remote link 🙂 So like you I get to enjoy the snow….

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