• 3rd June 2009 - By adventuresofgreg
    Peace, rainbows, a mean machine, and a shiny new logo!

    Peace and rainbows. man.

    We have the lower hull almost totally assembled now, so for fun, we placed the cabin on, and the other top deck panels. It’s really starting to come together! Ken is doing a fantastic job and we are progressing nicely – a little slower than I had hoped for, but the quality of Kens workmanship and Stuart’s design is second to none. This will be one, mean – state of the art – human powered machine when she is finished.

    We started removing some of the jig stations. I can stand on the bow, and it is rock solid.

    We prepared the edges of the cut-outs for inspection hatches in two bulkheads and carboned the bulkheads into the hull. 15 layers of uni-directional carbon surrounds each hatch / portlight cut-out!

    I am getting tons of help purchasing supplies and equipment from new PedaltheOcean.com sponsor Glenn Mulhare from Mariner Parts. The shipment of hatches and portlights is due to arrive today and we’re working on specifying the electronics now (solar panels, radios, GPS, etc). It is going to be pretty state of the art. The AIS will talk to the GPS, and the marine radio will broadcast the GPS coords, and I can get sat weather on the GPS, etc – it’s all going to be pretty awesome. My good friend George and PTO sponsor from MitrPak is working on the drive legs right now. They should be here in a week or so and we should be able to start working on the structure to hold it in place.

    New sponsors are coming online including a tracking device, a sea anchor, a machinist who is milling the prop, a web developer, a web designer, a copywriter, a new charity, a safety boat, and many others who are kindly volunteering to be a part of this in various ways. Thanks to everyone and welcome to the team! Details and names will all be announced when we roll-out the new web site. If you would like to ‘join the PTO team’ and feel like you have a bit of time or expertise you can offer, email me – I always appreciate the help.

    I’m also making good progress on other PTO project items including securing a safety boat for the expedition, the new charity that I hope to raise $250,000 for, and a splashy new web site. I’ll announce my new partners and more details soon! Here is a sneak preview of the new PTO logo:

    I am speaking at a grade 9 graduation ceremony tomorrow morning and then Helen and I are off to Bellingham on Friday to run the Northface Endurance Challenge on Saturday. Helen’s running the half and I’m running the 80 km. I’m ready, but with a lingering knee injury, so I’m a bit apprehensive about that. Oh well… all part of the adventure I guess. I won’t be setting any records that’s for sure, but since this is my first ultra, my goal is just to finish within the cut off time. Wait.. what is the cut off time anyhow? Let me check… Oh, it’s 13 hours. I should be ok. (famous last words!)
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    • Alex on June 4, 2009

      It's BIG !!!!!! I hadn't realised it'd be as big as that, just as well if you're pedalling the Pacific I guess.

      Will it actually get out of your garage?

    • R. Girard on June 4, 2009

      She looks like 'the future'! I have always been an advocate of the hard chine and I love the stealth look of the deck. It sounds like you are getting some pleasure and satisfaction out of the design/building of the ship as well. I'll be following this crusade closely.

    • kevin on June 4, 2009

      Awesome man, I really enjoy seeing the progress. Good luck in the Ultra.

    • Alan Kolodziejzyk on June 5, 2009

      Looks good! You know that I'm on line to provide any signage that you need, also I have L.E.D. modules that require less than 1 watt for each 6 led epoxy encased mod. (they will work at 9 – 12 or so volts)

    • Anonymous on June 5, 2009

      "Awesome", "Looks good!" don't really begin to describe it – but I can't really think of anything better. I'd like to help but I'm not sure what I'd be helpful at (other than goose-bumpy admiration). Just in case my skill set includes real-time flight simulation, bike design and repair, guitar and harmonica playing. Hey, I'm going to be in Seattle June 13-17 – any chance we might cross paths?
      Nick Hein
      Morgantown, WV

    • Anonymous on June 5, 2009

      Hi Greg, looks good. Don't go jumping around on it until the epoxy has more than three days to cure out.
      One other suggestion. Have a look at
      Humdinger for onboard power when in non-sunlight mode.


      I think you'll like it.

      Ron H from Germany

    • Aaron on June 6, 2009

      Hey Greg…the boat looks awesome!!! Good luck with the 50 miler tomorrow…go kick some arse!

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