• 27th November 2008 - By adventuresofgreg

    It looks like Jason Yanota’s most excellent training program is paying off. I hit 270 watts today for my 20 minute test. That’s not all that outstanding compared to the world of what is possible, but considering that I started at a wimpy 250 watts about 6 weeks ago, that’s not bad.

    As you might recall, I purchased a NoCom a couple of months ago with the intention of using the winter to train for a possible shot at the recumbent indoor velodrome 1 hour record.

    Step #1 is to get my power output up to about 300 watts for 20 minutes, and my buddy Jason agreed to coach me. It looks like all of those KILLER intervals are paying off. I’m hoping another couple of months of these will get me close to my 300 watt goal.

    The Keynote speech at Metafore Corporation on Thursday night went very well! Metafore VP Cyrille Armand introduced me and then flew off to Arizona to compete in his first Ironman triathlon! He finished with an AMAZING 11:35 finishing time. Fantastic job buddy! You are an Ironman!

    The keynote was a lot of fun. The audience laughed a lot, which was great to see, and I really get fired up from that kind of feedback.

    I got the chance to speak to about 300 to 400 people (200 in the main room with another 200 watching via projector in the second room) about the joys of being active and achieving your goals by being BOLD, and I had a lot of fun.

    Bold! Keynote speech by Greg Kolodziejzyk from Greg Kolodziejzyk on Vimeo.

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    • 25hz on November 27, 2008

      Very cool, man. Maybe some time I'll get to see the whole presentation.

      As you're training for your 1 hour attempt, there's also another venue that's planning to host 1, and 6 hour time trials along with a myriad of other race formats over the two or three days on July 17 – 19. I know it's a bit out of the way for you to go all the way to Michigan, but it'd give you a chance to run your new NoCom against others plus blow the dust off of CP. πŸ™‚

    • Anonymous on November 27, 2008

      I really enjoyed your presentation! Well done πŸ™‚

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    • Anonymous on November 27, 2008

      Hey Greg, it’s great to see you're out there doing what you're passionate about! There is something we can all learn from that approach.

      Ken Fortney
      Stratto Composites

    • Aric Streeter on December 5, 2008

      Excellent job on the speech greg!

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