• 18th October 2008 - By greg

    a much bigger goal on my horizon: A Human Powered Flight record. Here are a few ideas I’ve been playing around with:

    Any ideas, suggestions, hints, thoughts, questions about HPA’s – let me have’em. I’m not sure exactly what kind of record, or what kind of human powered airplane this would be – or even if I will build it. Just doing some information gathering and learning work before planing the details of a new record attempt.
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    • Mike Watson on December 5, 2010

      Hi Greg, speaking of thinking outside of the box, have you thought of just going with a lighter than air craft? Easy to optimize a nice long teardrop shape, incorporate shark skin texturing into the surface skin of the blimp to reduce drag, hang another teardrop for the cabin and drive module, below. All energy used to generate forward motion.

    • thomas lewis on September 13, 2011

      the lighter then air vehicle is the way to go,pedal powered planes,are big,light and expensive to build.If you must ,go the plane route,a wing like the swift,except lighter and larger would work well,just my 2 cents.

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