• 2nd February 2008 - By adventuresofgreg

    I have been working on the design for the ocean crossing version of WiTHiN, and I’ve been making pretty decent progress. It occurred to me that before I went any further with the design, I had better know for sure that I can live within the dimensions! Something I learned from the Tofino sea trials is that the current prototype is WAY too small and it would drive me crazy spending days upon end in that tiny enclosed capsule.

    I decided that I would build a mock-up that would double as an indoor trainer. I’ll be able to train for the ocean crossing and the 24 hour record attempt in June, and as well, learn more about the space I need to live in there for 40 days.

    Above is the overview design for the expedition boat. For details on the equipment on board, you can see the entire document here.

    I will enclose the wood frame with coroplast and continue to build-out the stern cabin. Already I have noticed that I needed to raise the roof of WiTHiN by 4 inches so I can lean all the way forward to access the bow storage compartment. In the image you can see the working Lewmar Ocean 30 hatch above the para-anchor storage bin. All storage compartments and hatches will be working and made of wood and hinges. I’m even going to make the sliding canopy top with port lights and a windshield. This is the best way to design a working space. After an hour peddling in the simulator, I found a few additional places that would be good for storing things that I didn’t notice in the 3D computer model.

    After I finish my overview document, the next step is to hire a naval architect to go over our design and spec out material thickness, and other important construction details like which areas need to be reinforced, how to mount the keel on so it won’t fall off, that kind of thing. If there are any NA’s reading this and might be interested in helping, please send me an email.

    After input from the NA, I will get Ben to model it all up properly in SolidWorks, then we need a builder. If you are a boat builder and might be interested in building the new WiTHiN, please send me an email.

    Yes, the guitar I’m playing in the photo at the top is from the XBox game Guitar Hero. One of the benefits of indoor recumbent training is that you can do all kinds of other fun things with your hands, arms and mind to pass the time. It’s unbelievable how fast time flies when I’m playing this game. Fav tune is “Holiday in Cambodia” by “The Dead Kennedy’s” Try to do that on the indoor rower!

    Below are some drawings I made for the new 24 hour record attempt boat. The design is by Rick Willoughby, and I consider it to be the most efficient human powered boat in the world for longer distances.

    On the schedule for February:

    1. I replaced the window in WiTHiN with some fresh PETG. One of my visibility problems in Tofino was because there was some over spray on the window. I have also ordered a manually operated windshield wiper to see if that helps. I have also removed the outriggers, and I need to build a keel. Then a pool test to figure out how much weight to suspend off the end of the keel, then another sea trial for March.

    2. Find a naval architect and finish the design.

    3. Find a builder and contract them to start building the new boat

    4. Start work on the main hull and outrigger for the 24 hour record attempt boat.

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    • Studli on February 3, 2008

      Hey greg… That guitar hero might not be a bad idea for the real trip.. Take that XBox with you and a ton of games it'll surely pass a few days or weeks keeping your mind from going completely crazy… And like you said, your hands are free to be doing something…

      Plans look real good wish I could help with the boat building and NA but i'm just a silly electrical engineer… If you need anything with electronics or power let me know.. mstudli@gmail.com… Keep up the good work; i'm always intrigued as to what is coming next..

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