• 5th January 2008 - By adventuresofgreg

    My brother AK is a rock star. Really – his passion is his band Plaid Tongued Devils and his business is signs. Props to AK signs for the rockin decals Alan did for me. WiTHiN looks like she’s ready for business.

    Thanks again for all of your support in the form of personal and corporate logo sponsorships. I decided to put the corporate logos on the prototype boat, and personal names from the “Across With Greg” sponsorship program will go on the actual ocean crossing boat. To see your logo on WiTHiN, click here.

    Pat Lor and I leave for the west coast on my little mini-expedition next Thursday (Jan 10) and I’m really looking forward to it, especially now since my brother in law Pat agreed to accompany me and lend a hand. As I have said before, I am planning on three days touring around the protected waters of the Tofino area. This will provide me with a great opportunity to learn more about some of the space confines of WiTHiN and whether or not I can live with that for the ocean crossing.

    On Monday the 14th, I am meeting Jay Bowers, a local surfing instructor and a whale watching boat with a Canadian Coast Guard skipper from Ocean Outfitters. The plan is to venture out past Vargas island into some open Pacific swells to test how WiTHiN handles the bigger ocean. I want to see how wind effects her, how she surfs down swells, and what it feels like to be confined in the capsule cockpit while riding the ocean swells. I haven’t been sea sick yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of exposing myself to the right conditions. It will be a learning experience for sure. The safety boat will be nearby in case I run into trouble like a rudder or drive leg failure.

    Then on Wednesday 16th we launch WiTHiN in Victoria for some local media interviews and another Discovery channel interview. On Thursday I am heading back to Calgary, but stopping in Maple Ridge, BC for a tour of the Nimbus kayak factory, as they are interested in building the ocean crossing boat.

    The photo above shows most of my electronics ready for packing. From left to right, top to bottom, the water proof Rugged Tech keyboard, Sony HD camcorder, VHF marine radio, cell phone, McMurdo Fast Find Personal Locator Beacon, Garmin GPS with marine charts loaded for the Tofino area, my SRM watts meter, a water proof sports video camera which Will be mounted outside of WiTHiN, my Nomad PDA with a built in GPS and Memory Map software with marine charts of the Tofino and Victoria area, a bag of various manuals, a paper print out of the charts, tide tables, contact frequencies and phone numbers, flashlights, cables, and two boxes of AA batteries. Not shown is the camera which took the picture and my iPod.

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    • "the Dude" on January 6, 2008

      These days stormy weather on the Nor. Calif. coast, 20+ foot waves, hard driving rain, winds etc. Hope it's smoother up there!

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