• 13th November 2007 - By adventuresofgreg

    How much would you be willing to contribute for a personal sponsorship to the PTO expedition? A small donation would buy you a T-shirt your name on the ocean boat WiTHiN.

    The Spirit of Canada sailing boat raised millions by selling $100 T-shirts which included the sponsors name on the hull of the open 60 sail boat that they built to participate in the Vendee Globe around the world race which is on now.

    I love that idea because it builds a community where everyone can feel like they are part of the project. I would love to have you join me on my human powered Atlantic crossing record attempt!

    Would you please respond to this poll? It will give me some insight into the best way to market this concept – if at all.

    Across With Greg Sponsorship Poll

    How much would you pay for a PTO T-shirt that includes your name on the expedition boat WiTHiN?

    NO, I would not purchase this

    Following are some ideas that I designed for the T-shirt choices. Please let me know what you like or don’t like about this concept and the designs either by commenting to this blog post, or email greg@pedaltheocean.com

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    • Liza Bloomer on November 14, 2007

      Hey Greg,

      Great idea! I really like "bikes rock". I'll send you a photo of mine one day – she gets me where I need to go and she burns calories for me too…what more could a girl ask for?

      In keeping with the theme, the first T-shirt is the winner as it has a tangible reference to WiTHiN.

      Look forward to seeing the results.


    • Anonymous on November 14, 2007

      Hi Greg,

      I tend to be very critical about design choises… so don't be offended that I'm not going to cheerlead any of your current choices. I agree with Liza that the first design links directly to what you are now building, but to me it looks too much like a product- it might as well be an "Oscar Meyer" bologne advertisement.

      As a runner, surely you have seen your share of road race t-shirts indifferently peppered with countless logos and trademarks of all the sponsors….YUCK!

      Stop trying to advertise yourself and DISPLAY yourself. Put a carefully chosen image of the boat on the t-shirt or hat. It is a unique object of art and engineering, show it off as one. The image of this one-of-a-kind vehicle is much more compelling than the word "Within". Who is going to jot down the words on a shirt as they pass by on the street? No one. But an interesting image will strike up a converstion and lead directly to your website, and you'll have one more person following you on your journey.

      You are always using digital imagery to develop your design ideas, I am sure you can create an image that will communicate "ocean Crossing" and "human power" quite well, and will look good on a shirt. But avoid the t-shirt pitfall of the dreaded "grid line" 3D crossection… that ship has sailed.

      I take an XL.


    • "the Dude" on November 14, 2007

      no cash no flash, strike me out.

      pto=power take off
      pto=please turn over
      pto=bachman turner overdrive no
      oh i see
      pto=pedal the ocean

      peace be within.

    • Anonymous on November 14, 2007


      I agree, you are the engine for this, you have to promote yourself and develop brand as much as possible – thats life. How about a front and back, on the front a picture of you in standard cycling gear maybe even with a tri bike looking askance:

      "Pedal the Ocean? What does it take?"

      and on the back

      "Look Within"

      then a picture of the vessel

      followed by "Get on board, make it happen" and your website.

      You might even get sponsorship from Look Pedals!

      Legend man, gonna be collectable.

      Giles (in a dumb office looking out on a lovely crisp morning in London, wasting all my days)

    • Anonymous on November 14, 2007


      I like the idea BUT…I think most people that have been following you (myself included), have been doing so partially because of your positive environmental message. With that in mind, please choose a more sustainable material for the T-shirts than regular cotton (and advertise that). I use bamboo/organic cotton blend T-shirts in my store and they're great! I believe that myself, as well as others, would rather not buy regular cotton T-shirts so I think you will sell more T-shirts this way. (or maybe I'm the only fanatical one)

      Good luck!

      Manitoba, Canada

    • Theresa on November 14, 2007

      girl T's and/or tank options would be fabulous! Also a few designs to pick from would be good, as people have different tastes.

    • Anonymous on November 16, 2007

      Hi Greg;
      All you need is a gig image of WITHIN in the front of the t-shirt. Then you can put a short cool message in the back so that fashion freaks would wear them too. Ill take a large.

    • charlitosway on November 16, 2007

      An image of WITHIN in the front and t-shirts in different colors to contrast the color of WITHIN.

    • Anonymous on November 19, 2007

      ps. Made in the USA is not a good sales argument. Regards from EU.

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