• 13th November 2007 - By adventuresofgreg

    I’ve been following the progress of James Castrission and Justin Jones of Crossing The Ditch. James and Justin are attempting to be the first to kayak 2200 km across the Tasman sea from Australia to New Zealand. They are leaving tomorrow.

    I will be following their progress very closely, as Lot 41 which is the name of their two-man kayak is very similar in a lot of ways to WiTHiN as you can see from this photo. James and Justin were set to depart last summer (Australian summer, not ours), but ran into some complications with their boat stability. They have spent the last 5 years preparing for this.

    To follow their progress, check their web site:


    or sign up for their email newsletter:


    I would wish Justin and James luck, but Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. ” and I know these guys and their expedition manager Pat Brothers from Race Recon are very well prepared.

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    • Anonymous on November 19, 2007

      Greg, you should take great care about the thermal control. The place is very likely to overheat. For example, if you produce 150 W of mecanical power, you you produce much more (500-1000 W) of thermal power. Rapidly, the cabin could overheat. This will be made even owrth since your upper body will be not cooled by some wind. In velomobile, naca vent are use for this purpose, but this is not an option your case. Really think about placing a fan in a way that it blow wind in your face.

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