• 6th November 2006 - By greg

    Helen and I attended Colin and Julie’s presentation and documentary premier “Beyond the Horizon” last night in Canmore. What an inspirational event! Wow – it’s absolutely incredible what Colin and Julie have achieved.

    Colin Angus – the worlds first man to circumnavigate the globe by
    human power and his wife to-be and Julie Wafaei

    On May 20th 2006, after 720 days, Colin Angus and Julie Wafaei completed Expedition Canada – the first human powered circumnavigation of our planet. In my opinion, the human powered circumnavigation of the earth is one of the last great firsts. Colin travelled 43,000 km by rowboat, bicycle, canoe, ski, and foot – a journey that voyaged across 3 continents, 2 oceans and 17 countries. Julie travelled with him for most of the expedition, including rowing 10,000 km unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean, making her the first woman to row across the Atlantic from mainland to mainland and the first Canadian woman to row across any ocean (from mainland to mainland).

    The team used zero-emissions travel to highlight issues with global warming and to inspire others to use non-motorized transportation.

    Canadians Colin and Julie are currently travelling across Canada in speaking tour and film premiere. Colin’s book, Beyond the Horizon, will be released in March 2007 (for those of you that can’t wait he has two other books on previous adventures). An adventurer’s resource centre divulging hard-to-find information (cold weather travel, ocean rowing, etc.) and on-line store offering expedition films and books will soon be available on this website:


    The film was great! I HIGHLY recommend buying it when it becomes available through their web site. I can hardly wait to read his book.

    I just love the way Colin operates – he just sucks it up and does what needs to be done. He makes me proud to be a Canadian. I think we all suffer too much from what I call ‘analysis paralysis’ – where you analyze something to death and then never get around to doing it because you have lost some self confidence, or have lost interest, or feel the need to study the issue ad infinitum. I think Colin does the necessary home work, makes minimum necessary plans, then just gets to work. He intuitively understands that there is more learning from doing than there is from studying.

    Bravo Colin and Julie! – In this day and age of excessiveness where we strive to do more with more, your doing more with less approach to life is refreshing and inspirational. I hope the world wakes up and gives you the recognition you both deserve!

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