• 19th May 2006 - By greg

    May 19

    May 19, 2006

    The speed machine from outer-space!

    (click for poster sized)

    I┬áthink we sort of messed up Bob’s spectacular paint job a bit… He didn’t have time to wet sand it, so he gave me instructions. Since I’ve never done this before, I was hesitant, but we had to sand down the orange peel, so I had no choice. Orange peel is that slight bumpy – orange peel like paint texture found on most new cars and paint jobs. To get a show-car finish, the orange peel must be sanded off, then the paint needs to be polished again to bring the gloss back up.

    I’m not sure exactly what happened, but it’s no where near as glossy as it was before. It’s very smooth now, especially after applying the nanotechnology Logistiseal sealant and it reflects like a mirror at certain angles, but it isn’t as sparkley as before – sort of frosty looking. Perhaps it needs to be polished with a proper electric buffer. I could send it to an automotive detailing shop, but we’re sort of running out of time. I am heading off to Eureka with the streamliner this weekend where it will sit until I am ready to tackle the 24 hour HPV distance record sometime late this summer.

    Here are some more photos of the streamliner with the CriticalPower decal (click to enlarge):

    A final position check before CriticalPower moves to a temporary home in Eureka. It looks like I still need to move my BB in about another inch on the M5. Since I still have the bulk of my distance training to do, I want to make sure that the M5 is EXACTLY the same geometry as CriticalPower streamliner.

    Training is going fairly well. I finished an 8 hour day yesterday (215 km). My feet are getting numb and I figured out it was because of so much pressure on the ball of my foot. I discovered this by taking my feet out of the shoes, and sliding them up so that my toes were hanging off the top of the shoes. When the foot is in this position, more pressure is put on the mid-foot area, and the blood-flow returned to my toes. To solve the problem, I moved the shoe cleats down about a half an inch which moves my foot up a bit higher on the peddle putting more pressure on my mid-foot. I’ll see if this helps. If not, then I will experiment with some shock absorbing gel inserts.

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