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    Aug 17

    August 17, 2005

    The worlds Last Great Firsts: an attempt to be the first to circumnavigate the globe using only human power

    There is a very dramatic and exciting race unfolding before us! Two teams who are attempting to become the first humans to circumnavigate the earth by human power, and they are both more than half way around.

    Team 1: Expedition 360

    Steve Smith and Jason Lewis set off from the Greenwich Meridian in July of 1994 to attempt one of the world’s ‘Last Great Firsts’. Steve decided to leave the expedition upon reaching Hawaii in 1998. Jason carried on alone and is still on course to complete the circumnavigation.

    The team cycled across Europe, peddled a custom peddle boat across the Atlantic, cycled and roller skated across the US and then peddle boated across the Pacific to Hawaii. Jason continued the quest by peddle boating to Australia, mountain biked across the Australian outback and is currently paddling a Kayak through the islands of Indonesia. He expects to win the race in 2007 and become the first human to circumnavigate the globe.

    Expedition 360’s round-the-world route

    Stevie on their custom peddle boat “Moksha”

    Jason roller skating across north America

    Team 2: Expedition Planet Earth

    In June 2004 a team departed from Canada on what is undoubtedly the world’s most grueling race: To be the first to travel around the planet (land and ocean) entirely by human power. So far the team has traveled 19,000 km from Vancouver by foot, rowboat, ski and bicycle up to Alaska, then across the Bearing sea, then across Russia. Colin Angus and Julie Wafaei are now completing the second and most challenging leg of this journey. They will cycle across Europe, then and row 8,300 km across the Atlantic Ocean and finally cycle their way back across North America to Vancouver where they started. If successful Julie will be the first woman to row across the Atlantic from mainland to mainland and Colin will be the first to circumnavigate our world using only his arms and legs for propulsion.

    Ocean row boat that crossed the Bearing straight

    Colin Cycling through Siberia

    If you are interested in following the progress of these teams

    email updates: http://www.expeditionplanetearth.com/index.html
    The web site is: http://www.expedition360.com/
    The RSS feed for the updates is: http://www.expedition360.com/x360_indonesia_journal/
    To make a financial donation: http://www.expedition360.com/store/payment_options.htm

    Expedition Planet Earth
    email updates: send a blank email to this adress to automatically subsribe to Jason’s email updates
    The web site is: http://www.expeditionplanetearth.com
    The RSS feed for the updates is: http://www.expeditionplanetearth.com/updates/
    To make a financial donation: http://www.expeditionplanetearth.com/opportunity.htm

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