• 4th July 2005 - By greg

    July 4

    July 4, 2005

    Finding my recumbent legs

    Now that Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2005 is history I am focused on getting this new speed bike built AND starting my recumbent training. So today I hung up the road bike, dusted off the M5 lowracer, bolted on the SRM cranks, tuned it up and went out for a quick ride. Then I did a half hour in the Rocket – thoroughly enjoyed it! Weather looks good for next week so I’ll try a longer effort on the M5 with Greg B on Tuesday.

    My goal this summer is to get to the point where I can do a 7 hour training ride on the lowracer and consistently put out 180 to 200 watts like a typical fat burning road bike training ride. Physiologically, I’m already wired to be able to do that efficiently, but it will take a little while to get the new muscles and position trained for that kind of duration.

    Krista on the Kett

    Here is a great Photoshop job done on the Rocket lean steer trike frame by Brent Curry from Bikeforest.com

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