• 19th August 2002 - By greg

    August 19 update

    Question for the day: Greg K – Innovator or just a really big Geek?

    Let’s take a look at some of the evidence:

    Greg’s Three Wheeled Recumbent Touring Bike

    Innovator GK: Clearly Greg is innovating here. Everyone knows that a bike seat is uncomfortable and can cause impotence in males due to circulation restriction in a certain sensitive area. The use of the Recumbent trike for long distance touring easily avoids these pitfalls because the seat is a cushy, comfy recliner. On the trike, you sit back and take it all in – no staring down at your front tire, no sore neck or arms from holding up your upper body. You sit like you are in a car with your arms comfortably by your side with your morning cup of java. And a smile.

    Geek GK: The trike may look like an innovation, but Greg is just a big Geek. I mean, look at the goofy thing. Only old guys with beards ride recumbents. How come every other ‘normal’ person cruises on a regular, old fashioned up right bike? There’s lot’s to choose from: road bikes, mountain bikes, tri-bikes. And they come in every size, color and configuration imaginable. But that’s not good enough for old Greg though. NNNoooooo. He has to be *different*. He’s just a geek.

    Greg’s Running Push Cart”

    Innovator GK: Obviously a huge innovation here. How else can you run and carry gear with you? You can’t run with a backpack on and carrying no gear at all on a long trip would be foolish – what if you got cold? What if you got hungry? Where would your portable lap top computer, PDA, modem, cell phone and old copies of Popular Science go?

    Geek GK: Just look at it and tell me he’s not a big goof. I rest my case.

    Greg’s Bike Float Kit

    Innovator GK: Is this cool or what? I’ve always been interested in exploring by water as well as by road, but after a 2 hour paddle in a Kayak around the Gulf islands this summer, my ass decided that paddling wasn’t for me. Besides, there was no conceivable way of strapping the Kayak to my bike. The solution was the Shuttle bike – an Inflatable float kit that you set your bike on and peddling turns a propeller which moves you through the water. It’s more stable than a Kayak, just as fast and when you are done, It packs up into a small back-pack that I can carry on the bike for the road portion of the tour. How cool is that?

    Geek GK: C’mon man. Give me a break. That thing just looks weird. And really goofy. Why can’t he Kayak or Canoe or row like the rest of the world?

    Greg’s new PDA watch!

    I wear my training schedule on my wrist!

    My Ironman checklist

    Innovator GK: With my new PDA watch, I have access to my training schedule, my Ironman Transition check list, names and phone numbers of everyone I know (both of them), my to do list and the date and time. I simply infa-red beam the contents of my Palm PDA into a handy water proof and stylish watch that I can wear on my wrist. Never again will I have to rely on my failing memory to recollect my training schedule, remember phone numbers, or Helens birthday.

    Geek GK: Look out Bill gates – the whole Nerd community has a new leader.

    Greg’s Etch-a-Sketch wrist watch!

    Innovator GL: Not only does this watch tell the time, but it’s also a mini Etch-a-Sketch!

    Geek GK: OK, you win. This is cool.

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