• 3rd June 2002 - By greg

    June 3, 2002

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    Total to Date 956 117 13.5 1086.5

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    June 3, 2002

    Back in Calgary!

    I had to buy a flight home on Friday night due to an unavoidable situation at home. Not to worry though, everything looks like it’s going to work out fine. All I can say, is I am lucky to be able to get a flight back to Calgary on such a short notice.

    I will be heading back to Salt Lake City on Wednesday with my family for the big Ironman on Saturday. No, I’ll be FLYING this time. Quite depressing actually – my flight home took all of 2 hours. A quick beer, a brief conversation with the person sitting next to me and I had arrived back to where I had started my trip that took me almost 2 weeks to finish.

    Well, almost finish. Due to the unavoidable flight back home, I never did get to Provo, but Provo was only 1 short day (50 miles) away from my hotel in Salt Lake City, so I’m satisfied.

    Remember – it isn’t the DESTINATION, it’s the JOURNEY!

    And what a journey it was! Over 1000 kilometers traveled under my own power, I climbed the great divide twice, experienced a record breaking heat wave, record breaking cold, and a record breaking heat wave again, got chased by fierce dogs, nearly died of dehydration (hey, I can be as melodramatic as I want – this is MY forum!), experienced almost every conceivable kind of road kill you can imagine including a TURTLE in southern Montana, met some interesting people, met some different people, almost got plowed over by a semi trailer, got rained on, got snowed on, got hailed on, lost a shoe, lost 5 pounds, saw plenty of wild life, got waved at, swore at, yelled at, laughed at, sun burnt, I laughed, cried, swore, sang, flashed peace signs at cows when nobody was looking (you really haven’t lived until you flash a peace sign at random farm animals for absolutely no reason whatsoever), repaired two flat tires, and a broken peddle, numerous chain derailment episodes, got lost, got found and basically had a really great time!

    I figure that I cycled for a total of 59 hours over 11 days, which works out to be an average of 5.5 hours per day (not including two rest/swim only days). It takes me almost 6 hours to cycle a full century (100 miles) on my road bike, so I figure I cycled the equivalent of just under 10 centuries over the last two weeks.

    I ran a total of 117 kilometers averaging 9 km/hour while pushing the 80-pound trike. That’s almost 3 marathons.

    I swam a total of 13.5 kilometers. That’s over three and a half Ironman swims.

    According to what I originally set out to do, it was my goal to cycle 80% of the total distance, run 18% of that distance and swim 2% of it. I missed my running goal by about 78 km. That deficiency was mostly due to not being able to run for two really long days because of the distance I needed to travel to get to a hotel. Also, some minor leg injuries slowed my running down for a day or two. I missed my swim goal by 9.5 kilometers because there were only three cities I passed through that were big enough to offer public swimming facilities.

    Would I do it again? Yes, in a heartbeat. Absolutely. It was the experience of a lifetime!

    But – this journey is NOT finished yet! I still have Ironman Utah to do on June 8 – only 5 days away!!!

    My ‘REAL’ taper is happening now – I’m running less than an hour every couple of days, and cycling a bit on an upright bike to get my legs accustomed to a regular bike.

    back on the upright!

    Stay tuned here for my final update after I finish Ironman on June 8 (I’ll probably submit the report on the 9th because I might be a bit occupied after Ironman – either sleeping or drinking beer. Probably sleeping) – assuming of course, that I actually DO finish IronMan! And don’t forget, you can get my progress (and progress of the 2000 other triathletes) as it happens on race day at: http://www.ironmanlive.com

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