• 9th May 2002 - By greg

    May 9, 2002 (pre trip)

    Whew! Another LOOONG day.

    Big Brick. I started with my FAVORITE 5-hour bike ride this morning – West to Highway 22, then West again on highway 66 into the mountains in Kananaskis country.

    “Greg, please tell us why you love that ride so. Is it because of the beautiful mountain scenery?”

    No, although the vistas are inspiring.

    “Is it because the pass is closed to traffic, but clear of snow so you don’t have to contend with vehicles?”

    Well, no, but it is nice to have the road all to myself.

    “Do you enjoy the odd encounter with wildlife in its natural setting?”

    Why yes, I do. I saw an otter crossing the road, a hiker’s dog and a coyote carcass today. But no, sorry, that’s not the reason why it’s my fave ride.

    “Is it because you enjoy the challenge of the 2000 foot climb up the pass?

    No – although, who wouldn’t enjoy a brisk 2000 foot climb?

    “Is it because you really love stopping your bike to walk across the Texas gates?”

    No – I hate those gates. One of these days I’m going to miss one and bite it big time.

    “Then please Greg, tell us why – oh why, do you love this particular ride so?”

    It’s the fresh cinnamon bun and hot mocachinno stop in Bragg Creek on the route back – of course!

    Finished the day with a snappy (my coach Steve likes that word) 1 hour, 40 minute run and successfully tested out some new shoes!. Then we went out for dinner, and since it was a day filled with my favorite things, I enjoyed my favorite beer, an 18 oz frosty mug of Hoegaarden. Then we watched Survivor. Then I passed out. But you don’t care about all that so I’ll just quit here.

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