• 30th April 2002 - By greg

    April 30, 2002 (pre trip)

    More snow last night.

    You know, I’m realizing that it’s still real early in the Spring and I can’t be guaranteed even half decent weather on my route south. A conversation at the gym today hit home: Rod is on his way down to Moab in southern Utah to do some mountain biking for a few days. It can get up to 100 degrees this time of year there, but his face grimaced when we discussed my route through Montana, Idaho and Utah. “That’s snow fence territory. Passes over 7000 feet. Snow is common in May”.

    Anyhow – Tuesdays are my long swim days and are typically 60 minutes straight. I’m extending those workouts now in prep for my trip lake swims upcoming. A 6 miles swim across Whitefish Lake will take me over 3 hours – more with rest breaks. So today I swam straight for 75 minutes. I’ll do 90 minutes next Tuesday and hopefully one last 2 hour swim the Tuesday after that.

    Only 19 more days until departure!

    Me driving in the snow this morning up a really steep hill.

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