• 28th April 2002 - By greg

    April 28, 2002 (pre trip)

    Made some progress on the wonky steering problem I’ve been having with the trike. When I run, pushing the trike as a push cart, the front wheel wobbles around and small constant adjustments to the steering have to be made to keep the cart rolling straight. Until now, I had been using two straps connected to the steering rod to turn the front wheel – kind of like reins on a horse.

    That didn’t work out to well – constant adjustments were necessary and didn’t jive well with trying to push at the same time. Also I found that it was easier to just give the trike a shove, then slowly catch up to it and push again.

    So – I devised a clever solution to the small steering adjustments that are required to keep the trike on the straight and narrow. I rigged a break lever cable up to the frame and attached a break lever fastened to a small hand-held bar. When I squeeze the break, the front wheel turns right and when I release break tension, the front wheel turns left. It works!

    Now I can give the trike a push and let it roll out in front of me. There is enough excess break cable slack so that I can hold the break lever with one hand while swinging my arms in a normal running style. As the cart moves forward, I make small adjustments to the track by squeezing or releasing the break cable.

    Smart if I do say so myself, although my nerd quotient just doubled!

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    • Deon on August 12, 2011

      Hi Greg, I was just wondering how heavy your push cart is, reason being, I need to design something simmilar for a friend of mine that’s going to run from South-Africa all the way up to Cairo….a distance of about 9000km. He’s aim is to create awareness to aids orphans in Africa. I am tasked to build him a push buggy, but my plan is to motorise it aswell…to relieve fatigue of the journey,and if needed to be able to transport him if he gets injured…(as he will be all by his lonesome)..at least to a nearby town. I would appreciate ANY kind of advise or suggestions.

      Hope to hear soon

      God Bless

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