• 22nd April 2002 - By greg

    click to see larger imageThe custom modified recumbent trike is made by Hase Spezialrader
    (from here on in referred to as “the machine”)
    The custom part is made by me in my shop. In order to run with the trike I needed to add a push bar. My unique solution is to fasten 2 telescopic paint roller holders ($9.98 each at Home Depot) to the seat posts and add mountain bar grip extensions to the end. Hey, don’t laugh – it works. OK, go ahead and laugh then.

    click to see larger image
    To steer as I push the machine, I have invented a rather clever device that turns the front wheel by squeezing or releasing a hand break attached to a slack cable. It’s works very well! Using this, I can give the trike a shove and make sure that it stays on track by using the hand break as a sort of remote control.

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    I also added two horizontal bars behind the seat where I can clip on two standard touring panniers. The machine also features a cycle computer, a head light, tail light and a battery pack, the biggest safety feature a bike can have – a mirror!, and front wheel pannier racks. I also added a small front chain ring for hill climbing (knee savers!).
    Technical data: (from the Hass web site)

    Total length: about 180 cm (flexibly adjustable)
    Total width: 84 cm
    Height: 69 cm
    Weight: 17 kg
    Suspension: seat

    All frame parts are coated with an extremely durable synthetic coating. This method of painting is particularly environmentally friendly.


    Front wheel: 20 inch
    Back wheel: 20 inch
    shifting: Shimano 9-speed (big range: 1st gear: 2.3 m; 9th gear: 7.3 m)
    Brakes: Formula disc brakes
    Lights: front halogen light; rear light with safe stop function
    Colors: RAL 3020 bright red, RAL 5002 ultramarine blue

    The frame size can be adjusted on the Kettwiesel. It can be ridden by persons with a height of 1.10 m to 2.00 m.

    click to see larger image
    This is the anti-machine. My custom Elite Triathlon bike.
    It’s everything that the trike isn’t – fast, light weight, uncomfortable… but I’ll be using it to race at Ironman. I also have two carbon fiber ZIPP wheels that aren’t shown here. The Elite and ZIPP wheels were a birthday present from my wife, Helen – cool hey?). The plan is to have Helen and the kids lug the Elite to Utah for the race.


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