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  • New shop / new me

    Wow – it has been a while hey? And it’s not like I haven’t been busy – just not the kind of busy you would likely be interested in hearing detailed blog posts about. No ocean crossing expeditions, no ultra marathons, no new world record attempts.
    I’ve listed WiTHiN for sale, but I am seriously considering [...]

  • Spain bike trip and another ultra

    Helen and I just got back from our longest vacation yet: 21 days.
    Our trip started with the Virgil Crest ultra marathon on Sept 25th. Helen successfully finished the 50 miler and I dropped out of the 100 mile race at about 70 miles due to some bad stomach issues where I resorted to [...]

  • Pedal the Ocean expedition canceled human powered ocean crossing expedition from Canada to Hawaii is canceled.
    When I conceived of this expedition to cross an ocean by human power 4 years ago, it was my goal to demonstrate to the world, the incredible distances a mere human can travel under his/her own power without the assistance of [...]

  • Future goals and a new web site

    I’m not sure why I get like this, but for my entire life as a project nears completion, I start asking myself that question “what’s next?”. There is no way that my human powered pacific ocean crossing project PedalTheOcean is anywhere even close to nearing completion, but I would honestly say that like any big [...]

  • We’ve come a LONG WAY!

    I started discussions with Ken Fortney a year ago about the possibilities of coming to work for me to build the most awesome, ocean going human powered craft on this planet. To Ken’s credit, he recognized the opportunity to expand his expertise and to be a part of this expedition. To say that he did [...]

  • Machupicchu

    Machupicchu – training vacation

  • Peru trek

    Backroads Peru Trekking Trip

    Helen and I just got back from a 9 day, lodge to lodge trekking trip in Peru from Cusco to Machupicchu ( Machu Picchu ). It was a seriously incredible experience. We stayed in these amazing lodges by Mountain Lodges of Peru – top comfort accommodations in the middle of nowhere at [...]

  • Killer whale in Johnston Straight, Vancouver Island, BC
    Helen and I, along with our good friends Val and Gary Erickson just returned from a 5 day camping/kayaking trip through Johnston Straight in northern Vancouver Island. It was a rough, wet, cold, dirty but AWESOME week! We saw Killer Whales every day – amazing. To do a [...]

  • Sonoma bike trip

    M5 lowracer touring modification with rear panniers. It’s the way to tour!(lowtourer or tourracer?)
    Helen and I just got back from our self-supported bike tour around Sonoma Valley, CA. Since I needed the recumbent position training benefit from the trip, I fastened a rear rack onto the M5 and clipped my panniers on and hauled [...]

  • My background

    Rare Method is a PedalTheOcean sponsor, and a local Calgary marketing agency that is run by my brother in-law Tom Short. I am putting WiTHiN on display in their main lobby on Valentine’s Day (WiTHiN is red and romantic I guess) and giving a little talk about me and the ocean crossing record attempt. During [...]

  • On Monday, Helen and I returned from a bike trip through the Tuscany region of Italy with Backroads. It was a wonderful trip! Despite cycling mammoth hills every day (2000 ft up, 2000 ft down, all day long), I managed to gain 10 pounds. Imagine that – eating Pizza and drinking Chianti Reserva day [...]

  • This whale breached right off the bow of my kayak!
    I just returned from our 4 day kayaking/camping trip through the Broken Group Island chain off of the West coast of Vancouver island. We had fantastic weather and it was a really great time! We saw sea lions barking on the rocks, sat in the middle [...]

  • Hello from me – circa 1983!
    Phil Events, a good friend of mine scanned and emailed me this photo from his dusty photo archives. We used to spend the weekends cycle touring around the mountains in the area getting into all kinds of various trouble. For those of you who weren’t around in the 80’s, and [...]

  • Aug 20
    August 20, 2006

    Family bike trip through the Loire Valley in France

    I did a Google search on “Paris photos” and found 141 million pages. Clearly, there are plenty of great Paris vacation photos, so I thought I would shoot some really bad Paris photos. (The nice and boring and way less-fun ‘normal’ photos are below).

    So [...]

  • Aug 13
    August 13, 2005
    Family bike/camping trip through Washington states San Juan Islands
    Every summer we get together with the Ericksons for a family adventure camping trip. Two years ago it was cycling/camping the Gulf Islands, last year was kayaking/camping the Broken Island chain and this year it was cycling/camping the San Juan islands on the east [...]

  • April 7
    April 7, 2005

    Back from the land of the volcanos and fierce Hawaiian warriors

    We stayed at a Hilton resort near Kona on the Big Island. Very nice place, but I’d have to say for what we paid, the customer service sucked big time. Listening Paris? (She’s a big AoG follower).
    The highlight of the trip would [...]

  • Aug 2
    August 2, 2005
    Backroads bike trip through Switzerland
    Back now – absolutely fantastic trip! It was a Backroads family adventure trip that combined hiking, biking, and some various other forms of excitement into an action packed week touring through the Swiss alps.
    Here are some of the choice photos of the trip. Click to see a larger [...]

  • Oregon Coast Bike Trip
    From Portland, Oregon to Cresent City, California
    Aug 1, 2004 to Aug 10, 2004

    40 hours of cycling, 8.25 hours of running, 9 days
    Awesome trip! The Oregon coast is stunning!


  • Tour Du British Columbia
    1200 km Cycling Trip From Vancouver to Calgary
    July 20, 2003 to July 31, 2003

    1200 kilometers of cycling, 100 kilometers of running, 6 passes, 12 days in 95 degree heat. Whew! A FANTASTIC trip!
    On July 20, Helen and I dropped the kids off at summer camp and headed to the airport. Ironman Canada [...]

  • The Brave Adventurers:
    Greg (me)
    The Challenge:
    To cycle, camp, kayak, eat, sleep, pack and unpack stuff, burn stuff, get really dirty and laugh a lot
    around 3 of the Gulf Islands near Vancouver Island, BC in 5 days (or so).
    Will they have fun?
    Will they get rained on?
    Will they get tired of peanut butter?
    Will Cody and Dustin climb trees, [...]