• 21st July 2017 - By greg

    The flexible routes concept is made from 10 straight segments that connect physical landmarks (docks). Each segment has a total length as determined by a professional surveyor. I am given credit for traveling any complete segment during the 24 hours, and can only travel the segments shown on the below map. However, I am able to connect the segments as wind and weather permits. ie: typically during the morning hours, prevailing winds come from the north, so the “SOUTH ROUTE” will be very windy and the water will be rough. At this time, I could choose to travel along the 5 segments defining the North Route (do loops of the north route). When/if the winds change and start blowing from the south, I could choose to travel along the “Join Segment” (Blue line) which connects to the South route where I would continue to travel the 4 south segments as a loop. At the end of the 24 hours, I am given credit for traveling all straight segments logged including the long blue join segment.


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