• 11th November 2010 - By greg

    The Worlds Most Technologically Advanced, Energy Efficient,
    Offshore Capable, Human Powered Boat
    $84,000 (cdn), OBO, or trade considered

    WITHIN was designed by world record-winning naval architect Stuart Bloomfield and human powered boat engineer Rick Willoughby for a world-first expedition to travel 3000 miles across the Pacific ocean, from Victoria, Canada to Hawaii by human power.WiTHiN was built at a total cost of $122,000, and is now listed for sale at $84,000 (cnd).

    WiTHiN is a fully faired, encapsulated, self-righting pedal-powered boat capable of high speed in good conditions (3.5 to 3.7 knots) and maintaining way in adverse weather conditions. The boat is made of carbon fiber and optimized for continuous light to moderate human power input and long term provisioning requirements. Stability is maintained with a 100 lb keel bulb mounted one meter below the hull. WiTHiN is easily maneuvered by a hand lever in the cockpit which turns a massive rudder at the stern.

    WiTHiN features 6 watertight compartments: A bow-tip storage compartment, a main storage compartment which can hold over a 100 days worth of food and supplies, the cockpit with a comfortable recumbent seat and pedal unit, the seat-back battery compartment which houses the batteries mounted on sliding rails (powered), charge controllers and the main electric desalination unit, the sleeping cabin, and a small stern compartment.

    Custom made solar panels provide 250 watts of electrical energy stored in two – 80 amphour heavy duty marine batteries. The electronic equipment list includes a VHF radio, satellite phone, GPS chartplotter, AIS automatic identification receiver, EPIRB, autopilot, water desalination equipment, navigation light, onboard computer for email, satellite tracking beacon, and a powered ballast shifter to trim out uncomfortable list due to a side wind or uneven weight distribution.

    WiTHiN is powered by a one-piece drive unit custom designed and built by MitrPak and Rhomec Industries. The drive is a single unit consisting of two pedals that power a shaft which turns a two-bladed prop (2 spare props are included).

    The drive unit is inserted through a raised, above water line well in the forward area of the cockpit. The drive leg can be replaced at sea with a spare unit (included), or serviced if repairs are required (spare parts are included). The propeller and other aluminum and stainless steel parts are custom CNC milled. At 80 rpm, generating 100 to 130 watts of input power, the drive unit propels WiTHiN to speeds of 3.5 to 3.7 knots.Sea trials and experience

    After repeated attempts to pedal through gales and big seas during various sea trials, I realized that I am just not cut out for a long distance trans-oceanic level expedition. Because WiTHiN was designed to be very fast, she is narrow and as such, rolls quite a bit in rough seas. I personally find it difficult to get comfortable with that movement, but that isn’t to say that someone with more experience at sea couldn’t get used to it. When the hatches and port lights on WiTHiN are closed, she is very safe, water tight, and capable of rolling 360 degrees without leaking. During capsize tests, not a single drop of water leaked in. Stability and roll dampening on WiTHiN is obtained with a very heavy 100 lb steel keel bulb mounted 1 meter below the hull. You can stand up through the open hatch without capsizing.

    I have enjoyed so many incredible experiences in WiTHiN during our various sea trials adventures from traversing the OK lakes in central BC to touring the breathtaking Broken Island chain to various trips into the wild Pacific from Tofino and Ucluelet. My favorite adventure was a two-man, 4 day journey that took us 400 km up the inside passage of Vancouver Island (watch the YouTube video below). This is where I personally think the value is with this purchase. A FUN, safe, fast, self-contained platform to embark on the kind of exciting adventures that would be impossible in a kayak or any other kind of human powered boat.

    This is not to say that a trans-oceanic expedition in WiTHiN is out of the question for someone, but it is not for me.

    Greg Kolodziejzyk

    Inside Passage Expedition video

    Electronics7 solar panels pumping out 250 watts

    2 x 80 amp hour Odyssey Marine batteries mounted on rails with an electric motor powering weight shift from side to side as required for trim.

    Solar charge controller

    Back-up solar charge controller

    Katadyne PowerSurvivor 40E electric desalination unit

    Raymarine Ray218 VHF radio

    Raymarine AIS 250 automatic identification system receiver

    Raymarine A50 5″ GPS & Chartplotter – includes digital maps of Vancouver Island and all N/A lakes

    Raymarine ST1000 Plus autohelm

    Iridium 9505A Satellite phone with (qty) pre-paid minutes

    Viliv Micro PC running Windows XP & Iridium satellite phone connection kit and email software

    Iridium satellite antenna mounted on top deck

    VHF / AIS antenna mounted on top deck

    Tri color navigation and mooring light mounted on a carbon fiber mast on the top deck

    Master fuse / switch box in the cockpit for easy access

    Hand help water proof VHF radio (sleeping cabin)

    Spidertracks satellite tracking beacon (linked to an online tracking map)

    4 bright LED interior lights (2 in the cockpit and 2 in the sleeping cabin)

    Water proof iPod amp and speakers

    GoPro HD digital video camera with 5 mounts outside on the hull and inside the cockpit and cabin

    Electric bilge pump (not connected)

    Spare electric bilge pump (not connected)

    Water proof iPod touch case and 2 mounts for watching movies (1 mount in the cockpit and 1 mount in the sleeping cabin)

    Equipment & SuppliesKatadyne Survivor 35 manual desalination unit

    Katadyne spare parts kit including chemicals for storage, and spare filters

    Manual bilge pump

    Drive leg with aluminum propellor

    Spare drive leg with aluminum propellor

    Drive leg spare parts kit, spare prop and tools

    Large tool kit

    Danforth type anchor and rode

    Offshore grade water proof Ocean Sleepware sleeping bag

    4″ thick vinyl covered foam mattress

    2″ thick Ventisit mesh sleeping cabin floor mat (allows water to drain below mattress)

    Carbon recumbent seat with Ventisit mesh seat cover

    2 x wool arm rest pads

    (qty) dehydrated breakfasts

    (qty) dehydrated dinners

    Jet Boil camp stove

    Spare parts kit for jet boil camp stove



    Small personal EPIRB (ditch bag)

    Survival suit

    Large Adventure Medical Marine Kit 1000 medical kit

    Katadyne Survivor 06 hand pump desalinator (ditch bag)

    Air horn (cockpit)

    Fire extinguisher

    Fire blanket

    Flare kit with gun (cockpit)

    Flare kit with gun (ditch bag)

    Hand held water proof VHF radio (ditch bag)

    Radar reflector


    Safety harness

    Additional information:

    1. WiTHiN construction accounting statement

    2. VIDEO: WiTHiN Tour

    3. SLIDE SHOW: Boat building photo log

    3. WEB SITE: Visit the PedalTheOcean.com web site

    Contact: Greg Kolodziejzyk greg@pedaltheocean.com

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    • Bryon Howard on November 11, 2010

      Hi Greg,
      Just watched that video again.
      What a great time we had in a spectacular place – in a very comfortable boat.
      Look forward to more adventures.

    • Luke Iseman on November 11, 2010

      Hi Greg,

      Would you consider writing (or helping me / somebody else write) a how-to book covering the things you’ve learned from the process of building (and piloting) Within?


    • Dan on December 2, 2010

      Hi Greg,

      Do you still have WiTHiN? I’d like to buy her…

    • Dan McCaig on December 15, 2010

      Hi Greg,
      Do you still have WiTHiN? I’d like to buy her.

    • belinda kirk on March 16, 2011

      Hi Greg
      Would you like me to spread the word on our expedition community site? explorersconnect.com
      BTW fantastic expedition. I bet you’ll miss WiTHin when she has to go

    • zeev kirsh on June 27, 2012

      i’ve been reading about you for years. I’m an hpv enthusiast with a math background. 31, in reasonable shape. A new york city cyclist my whole life, was a bike messenger and life long commuter.

      I have a friend who is a professional diver who told me he would pedal across the pacific if I could build the vehicle. How about you give us within for free , we make the record , and you get it back. Upside for you is we promote your efforts at building and designing this thing. Downside for you is we die in your vehicle or turn back. It won’t cost you any money per-se unless we lose the vehicle.

      In the end, you are going to regret if someone buys Within only to put it in a museum. It’s been up here ‘for sale’ for months. I think John Tetz would recommend me.

      In addition to my offer—-I’m hoping you’ll consider your new interest in human powered flight beyond your traditional view. I’ve read all the history of the gossamer and its children. The breakthroughs have been made in this respect with purely human powered propellers. How about this for a new idea—–human powered thermal powered hot air balloon. No one has come close to doing something like this , not by a mile, I’ve done my research and I believe it’s theoretically possible, and for the sheer novelty sake more likely to get noticed.

      If you are interested in controlled flight exclusively I would argue a more interesting approach is to see how far you could fly with a human-electric hybrid plane. Human electric hybrid bicycles are already huge in china and gaining quite a following in western cities ( particularly new york in the u.s. but all over european cities as well) . Could you go 1000 km (600 miles or so) in a plane with a relatively small pedal assist kit and let’s say 10kwh of lithium polymer or lithium phosphate batteries. That would be exceptional. truly exceptional. and awe inspiring beyond the achievment of going 30 or 40 miles at 10mph on human power alone. it’s been done. I urge you to broaden your horizons..

      In any case, I’ve been following you for at least 6 years now—before you even had this website i believe, and I’ve found you very inspiring. Thank You,
      Zeev Kirsh

    • Neil Gratton on December 19, 2013

      I realise I’m posting here much later, but is it possible outriggers might have reduced the rolling sufficiently to make her more comfortable at sea?

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