• 30th June 2010 - By greg
    Goal 0 Print Ad featuring PedalTheOcean

    Goal 0 Print Ad featuring PedalTheOcean

    I am driving out to Ucluelet in 2 days (Friday) to meet up with Clive and the escort boat Theodora for a Saturday departure. The objective is to spend a week or so pedaling west into the Pacific ocean, then turn around and sail back with Clive and tow WiTHiN.

    I am really praying that the weather for this trip will NOT be anything like what is pictured in the incredible Goal 0 print ad shown above. This new ad that features PedalTheOcean in a ‘difficult’ environment will be placed in Canoe & Kayak magazine.

    I am also hopeful that for the most part, we get typical summer weather which I have been watching on the Environment Canada web site. It seems like the summer weather has FINALLY arrived. Over the past couple of weeks, wave height at the La Perouse weather buoy have averaged between 1 and 1.5 meters – I like. The wind forecast has been up to 20 knots, but I have observed winds from 0 to 13 knots at the buoy. After my experience in 3.5 meter waves and 20 knot winds in Ucluelet in March, and then a 90 km/hr wind storm on OK lake, I’m DONE with freaky weather.

    As I detailed in my last blog post, I now have a drogue that I can deploy and retrieve from the safety of my cockpit seat, and a ‘T’ rudder which should help with the weather cocking issue. If the new modifications don’t resolve the problems, then I always have the option of seeking refuge in Theodora – assuming that a transfer is possible. Advising me on the weather will be Rick Shema – the weather guy.

    As usual, you can follow my progress right here at the blog, at the PTO Facebook page and the live tracking map.


    How is your summer shaping up?

    I am looking forward to an awesome summer!! It started with my daughter’s High School graduation ceremony last week end. Then, this sea trials trip with Clive next week. After that, Helen, myself and the kids will be cycling Zion National Park mid July.

    I have been putting in some crazy running hours over the last few weeks in an attempt to build up some base miles as part of my training program for the Virgil Crest 100 mile ultra marathon in New York in September. That race will be my 2nd attempt at finishing a 100 mile ultra, and Helen’s first 50 mile ultra. After the Virgil Crest race, we plan on visiting Cody and Krista at their respective east coast universities (Duke and McMaster), then celebrating our empty nest’ness with another cycling trip in Europe.

    Send me an email and let me know what your summer plans are.

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    • John Bruce Milne on June 30, 2010

      Good luck Greg!! Will be following your progress as usual, hope the sea trial goes well.

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