• 24th April 2010 - By greg
    While out on the ocean, and during training / testing trips like the Okanagan lake trial planned for next week, I am planing on submitting progress updates to you 5 different ways:1. A full blog post like this one which can be viewed on the Adventuresofgreg.com blog. These updates will probably include small photos and maybe even a quick video once in a while.

    or, you can subscribe to the blog RSS feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Adventuresofgregblog

    2. Via email update. These email updates will include the same photos and video attachments as the blog version. If you have received this update by email, you are subscribed. If not, and you would like to get updates by email, please subscribe by entering your name and email address in the “Subscribe to email updates” fields on the right hand side bar of the blog:

    3. The PedalTheOcean Facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/PedalTheOcean I will be submitting short, one-line status updates during the day and some of these updates may include a small photo. These quick, short updates will appear on the facebook page, but not in the blog, or in email updates. These updates will also appear on my Twitter feed which can be followed on the Twitter widget on the blog site in the right hand side bar called “Twitter updates”.

    The Facebook page will also include full blog posts, but they could be delayed by up to 24 hours. Facebook will check my blog RSS feed once or twice per day and if there is a new post, it will import it into the Facebook page as a new note and will appear in the newsfeed. 4. Twitter: http://twitter.com/pedaltheocean My Twitter updates are copies of the short Facebook status updates and will include a link to any image attached. If you don’t use Twitter, you can view these updates on Facebook fan page, or in the “Twitter updates” side bar at the blog.

    5. Tracking map – you can find my current location on the Greg Tracker map:

    Confusing? ya – sorry. Basically, if you want to follow my every step, then join Facebook and click “Like” button on the fan page: http://www.facebook.com/PedalTheOcean

    If you are just interested in a once per day update with photos, then subscribe to the email list, blog RSS feed or follow the blog. http://adventuresofgreg.com/blog/

    If you are only interested in quick one-line status updates including notification of when a new full blog post is available, then follow me on Twitter (or just check the “Twitter updates:” section on the right hand side bar of the blog.

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    • Jimmie Yarnell on April 25, 2010

      Good luck on your sea trial,hope you get to test the new rudder design,in harsh conditions.What is with the failed right angle drive ?, was it set up with to little tooth contact or was a spacer at fault?

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