• 22nd April 2010 - By greg


    I started talking with Discovery Channel producer Mark Stevenson a way back in October about their third Daily Planet segment on me and PedalTheOcean project. I was thrilled when Mark assigned a friend of mine – Neil Thomas who produced the first Daily Planet segment way, way back in November of 2007 (here is the original 2007 show) to produce the new show. They sent a film crew to Glenmore reservoir to shoot the lake test, capsize test, and were unable to get a crew out for the failed Vancouver Island circumnavigation attempt with myself and Jordan Hanssen. It was just as well, as that trip lasted only 4 hours before our drive leg broke.

    Luckily, they were able to get a crew out to Nanaimo for the launch of the inside passage sea trials that Bryon Howard and I did together. They also flew into Port McNeil to film us arriving. I think the segment turned out great! I hope you enjoy it:



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