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    On March 30th, we will be conducting offshore sea trials in the Pacific ocean off the coast of Ucluelet, B.C. (about 30 minutes south of Tofino). I will depart from Ucluelet on March 30th with my safety boat “Theodora” piloted by skipper and friend Clive McGowan. The objective of this trip is to stay out at sea for 2 to 3 days, and experience some typical offshore ocean conditions similar to what I will experience on the Pacific crossing from Tofino to Hawaii (departure this summer – July 1st, 2020).



    This trial follows a successful initial sea trial on February 15th, where myself and my good friend Bryon Howard pedaled WiTHiN over 300 km in just under 3 days, virtually non-stop, up Vancouver Island’s inside passage from Nanaimo, BC to Port McNeil, BC. We managed dangerous tidal currents, were visited by a pod of killer whales and dealt with a variety of winter weather conditions. The video of that epic adventure can be viewed right here:




    I am leaving Calgary on Sunday, March 28th, spending the night in Nanaimo, then driving to Ucluelet on Monday. Clive is flying to Victoria from Calgary on Saturday and sailing the safety boat Theordora from Victoria, around the south end of Vancouver island, then north up the west coast of the island to Ucluelet. He will arrive in Ucluelet on Monday. We will launch WiTHiN on Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning and head west, out into the Pacific ocean on Tuesday. We will be watching the weather of course, as this time of year still get’s it’s fair share of winter storms. Check here for a marine forecast. Clive and I decided that our ‘no-go’ conditions would be “storm warning”, but anything less (gale or small craft warning) would be a ‘go’ condition.


    This will be the 3rd sea trials to the Tofino area for me. The first, and second trips were with the old prototype test boat. The first trip was not especially successful, as I could not see through my front window because of rain collecting on the gradually sloped windshield. General stability was also an issue on this trip. The video can be viewed here:



    The second trip was successful and I spent 9 hours in the Pacific in 15 to 20 foot swells. Video below:



    Greg already holds two human-powered world records.  One is for the most distance covered by human power on land (1,041 km/647 miles).  The other record is for the greatest distance covered by human power in one day on water (245 km/152 miles).  For this record attempt in July, which he’s dubbed ‘Pedal The Ocean,’ (www.PedalTheOcean.com), Greg will pedal unassisted for up to 16 hours per day.  All alone he will battle storms at sea, and risk capsizing, as he pedals through one of the most desolate stretches of ocean on the planet.

    Greg is undertaking this daunting challenge to inspire young people to be more physically active, and to raise money for a related cause; Kimberlee’s Bikes for Kids.  For every mile Greg pedals across the ocean, Kimberlee’s Bikes for Kids will donate one bicycle to a child who can’t afford one. If he makes it all the way to Hawaii it could mean 3,000 bikes for 3,000 kids!  Individuals, corporations and others are encouraged to help by pledging $50 for each mile pedaled at pedaltheocean.com/charity.php.  Every $50 raised buys a bicycle for a child.

    “This will be the most difficult and dangerous world record attempt I have ever pursued,” said Kolodziejzyk, age 49.  “It will be the ultimate test of human power.  Through it, I hope to inspire others to do both extraordinary and ordinary things every day using their own power.  Tapping into our human power is good for the environment, essential for our health, and it sends the right message about physical activity to our children.”

    For the last four years, Greg has been planning ‘Pedal The Ocean’ and building and ocean-testing his craft.  Designed by world record-winning naval architect Stuart Bloomfield, and Pedal The Ocean chief engineer Rick Willoughby, the small boat is made of carbon fiber.  In good conditions it is capable of traveling up to 8-9 Kilometers Per Hour (kph).

    The public is invited to track Greg ‘s progress at www.PedalTheOcean.com, where he will transmit daily progress reports including video, photos, and live position feeds on the LIVE “Follow Greg” map.


    Companies seeking to sponsor Greg’s boat can call 530.908.9225 for details on an array of opportunities for publicity, including decal placement inside and outside the craft — and others — or visit www.pedaltheocean.com/sponsors.php.


    A captivating motivational speaker in high demand, and successful businessman, Greg Kolodziejzyk is a favorite presenter at conferences, commencements, retreats and other events.  To view video clips of Greg’s entertaining and engaging speaking style, visit www.human-power.com.  To inquire about having him speak at your next function, please call 530.908.9225.

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