• 9th January 2010 - By greg
    This is a test blog post. I just sent an email from UUplus sat phone email software via my Viliv Mobile PC neatly packaged into my OtterBox water proof case. This is a WordPress blog amd I send this email to my account at Posetrous.com and they forward the email along with the photo attachment to my WordPress blog, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc, etc. All from one single neat little email. When on the ocean, I will be using this system to send blog updates via the Iridium Satellite phone. If everything works as planned, there should be a photo of the Viliv PC in my case below.

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    • Big Al on January 9, 2010

      looks good!
      you are doing great Greg,
      amazing stuff, found this from your FaceBook post.
      looking forward to the next update


    • Ben on January 9, 2010

      Nice! Works…

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