• 9th January 2010 - By greg
    hello again. this is a test of my Viliv mobile pc, uuplus software, sending a blog post via the iridium satellite phone. if all is working, there should be a photo of the system all packed up into the otterbox waterproof case. im amazed that the external sat phone antenna gets a signal INSIDE my shop.

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    • Bryon Howard on January 9, 2010


    • John Bruce Milne on January 9, 2010

      Well done! Everything looking good!

    • Diederik on January 10, 2010


      I’m following your projects for some months now. I must say I’m highly impressed by the enthusiasm and the level of professionalism how you’re making this expedition boat. It looks fantastic. Thanks for the tons of information and updating your blog so very often

      I already was aware of Expedition 360 with the pedal boat Moksha and since then I dreamt of building one of my own. Ofcourse it wouldn’t be such a big boat, let alone the challenge I would face. I would use it for some pedalling troughout the canals and rivers my beautiful country Belgium has. I even might pedal it to the Netherlands, or into France.

      So then I saw your prototype boat. I was quite amazed how you could pack so much in such a small boat. That’s why I was interested. 🙂 Still in college, my budget is very small. So here’s my question: what do you think is the smallest I could go? I want to have a recumbent seat to pedal -ofcourse- but I also want to sleep in it. Because I would travel rivers and canals, I don’t need a lot of storage room.

      If I place the ‘cockpit’ as much as possible to the front of the kayak I will be using, and I could flip the seat over the drive leg, do you think that I can get away with a kayak of 4,70 meters? (15 and a half feet that is) I found a very cheap one in a fairly good state.

      I know it would be cramped, but then again it’s not that I need to live in it for long periods.

      Thanks for your reading (sorry for my English), and I wish you the best of luck on your expedition.


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