• 10th September 2009 - By adventuresofgreg

    I just finished posting a new YouTube video of the very first lake trials. Enjoy:


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    • Anonymous on September 10, 2009

      Awesome vid. What's surprising is just how quiet it is when you're pedaling – and just how roomy the cabin is. Almost makes you want to stay in there for say…. 20 or 40 days – NOT !

      Congrats on a very successful lake trial. Great work Greg, and BIG Kudos to Ken – the build quality is really amazing.


    • Russell on September 10, 2009

      The real test will come when you get it on the water fully finished and loaded, and out in real ocean conditions..
      If you are still to fair the keel this will give the boat more lateral resistance to the rocking that will occur in waves.
      Could you posssibly arrange for some power boats to make some waves for you on the lake the next time you test it on the lake?


    • fruey on September 10, 2009

      That boat looks awesome Greg. Fantastic build quality, roomy looking inside.

      Hard to imagine pedalling across oceans with it, but river cruising and camping in the countryside in a boat like that would be a dream!

    • Bryon Howard on September 10, 2009

      Very Cool.
      Greg is happy.
      Ken is happy.
      Helen … you look like you may want to join Greg on the ocean cross?!!

      Boat looks great guys.

    • sainte on September 10, 2009

      I wanted to be able to also congratulate you for all that carried out by you. Apologize, my English is quite bad. Thank you for this video, I want to encourage you for this wonderful new intent. Congratulations Greg.


    • Greg on September 10, 2009

      Very cool! (To prevent any possible confusion, I'm a different Greg! hehe). Things look to be progressing very well! Best of luck to you, can't wait to see how it goes next year.

    • Anonymous on September 10, 2009

      Greg you better write a book when done, i want to know what your mind goes through on such a journey out in the open ocean for days, what you see or expect to see while out there, the bumps, the waves,the calmness, the food, the cloths and of course seeing your landing point in the horizon…..i will find that book exceedingly interesting – and some info on what it takes mentally and physically to tackle such an expedition….put me down for a copy.

      Ross O.

    • Mike on September 12, 2009


      Awesome project, congratulations!. I'm one of your builders (Kenny F) old shop teacher and am tickled pink here to see what he and you have accomplished. My grade seven class are studying transportation technology and I will be definitely showing them this video. Eagerly looking forward to more news of the project.

    • Ken on September 13, 2009

      Hey Thanks Mr. Annetts! I can't tell you how much I appreciated you allowing me to come in after class and put in overtime on so many shops projects or other random stuff I wanted to work on in the school shop. It was a big help for me early on and thanks so much for that! You've always been ranked high in my books!

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