• 24th April 2009 - By adventuresofgreg

    I seem to blast through iPods as fast as I blow through sneakers. Last summer during training for the 24 hour human powered boat record I purchased a totally water proof enclosure for my iPod from OtterBox because my previous iPod got wet and eventually died. I was sick of buying new iPods so I decided to invest my money into a water proof and shock proof case.

    Good idea in theory, but because this OtterBox case fits the iPod so tightly, inserting and removing the iPod for updating and charging wore out the headphones plug and now the sound is shorting out. So, Time for a new pair of shoes, and yet another new iPod.

    I searched the house for as many old, broken iPods as I could find and shot this photo. Included in the collection is the very first iPod as well as the mini, nano, shuffle, touch, classic and probably some I don’t even remember the name of.

    Ken and I applied the first carbon laminate layer on one of the panels yesterday. We picked a panel that contained seat parts so if we made a mistake we could correct it before we got to the more crucial hull panels.

    The layup was 1 layer of unidirectional carbon on the .5″ Corecell core, then bidirectional weave at 45 degrees. The layup went smoothly and we ripped off the peel ply this morning to reveal a beautifully flat and strong panel. For the next panel we are going to try to do BOTH sides at the same time.

    Above shot is the sandwich panel curring in the vacuum bag. We have about 9 panels to make and I am thinking we could build one panel per day – so in a couple of weeks we should have all of the carbon panels made. Next step is to cut out the panel shapes, build a jig for the top and bottom hull half’s, then assemble the panels. Easy. Ya right…

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    • Frank Eeckman on April 24, 2009

      The good people at Apple will love you!

    • Scott Ennis on April 24, 2009

      I love the ipod "graveyard" picture! You should turn them into iBallast on your next boat.

    • Lee Purdum Lehman on April 24, 2009

      It's funny, Greg. Circumstance is so relevant. I've never owned an iPod. Then again, I've never done 99.999999% of what you have!
      Hey, you got me going on remote viewing though. I've been dabbling in that for awhile now.

    • Anonymous on April 24, 2009

      Check out the iBike console, http://ibikeconsole.globalshowroom.com/catalog.asp?catid=13788&subcatid=0
      Not sure if it's waterproof, but I've been contemplating getting one myself.

    • Anonymous on April 25, 2009

      An Apple Ipod per day keeps the Human Power to stay

    • Bryan Allen on April 25, 2009

      Unless you have a particular attachment to all those old iPods (nice photo, BTW), one place that probably would take them is: http://www.buymytronics.com/. You might even get a small amount of $ in return, depending on the condition of the gadgets.

    • Neil on April 26, 2009

      in regards to technology, as my old regimental sargent major use to tell us "If at first it dont work, get a bigger hammer!" needless to say the radio boffins never sent him xmas cards. I use to be in a tank regiment. say no more!

    • Anonymous on May 22, 2009

      Save those ipods, sign and date them, Mr Record Breaker!! Your
      charity will love what they can do!

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