• 26th March 2008 - By adventuresofgreg

    My new friend Murray Flanagan stopped by my shop this morning to meet me and see WiTHiN and Critical Power. We had a really nice chat, and then, of course, I put him to work! I seized the opportunity and recruited Murray to help out with the carbon work on the first outrigger.

    Rick Willoughby and I have been discussing ways to use the CNC machined foam hull and outrigger forms as plugs that could be re-used. The advantage is not only having the original foam plug available to make another copy of the V11G (24 hour record boat) hull, but mostly, the resulting carbon hull will be SUPER light without any Styrofoam inside.

    So, what we did was tape packing tape all over the foam outrigger plug. This worked out better than I expected – it was very smooth and glossy, and *hopefully* will allow me to pull the carbon part off of the plug leaving the outrigger plug in tact. I say hopefully because it’s curing right now. I’ve never had any problems in the past with pulling composite parts off of duct tape or packing tape, so I’m confident this won’t be an issue. But you never know – I’ve been through too many “surprises” to know better than to assume anything!

    To strengthen the finished part, I’ll insert a couple of foam bulkheads (with carbon) and place a flat carbon top over the hollow, topless outrigger hull.

    We’ll do the same with the V11G hull – cover it with packing tape, lay on 3 layers of 5.8 oz carbon, vacuum bag and pop it off the foam plug. Then insert some structural carbon panels, and a flat panel top deck. This will result in a part that is very light weight and hopefully strong enough. THANKS Murray!


    I have been tiring of training in a slightly different geometry on the M5 than in my trainer downstairs, so I welded up some seat extensions for the M5 and resulted in a duplicate seat position – basically a MUCH higher seat bottom which puts my feet below my heart at the peak pedal stroke. This has helped keep blood flowing through my feet – a problem that I have suffered with for years. See the comparison seat position photo below (click to enlarge).

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    • "the Dude" on March 26, 2008

      Regarding the keel: it is filled with lead and air, if the air was replaced by saltwater or a heavier liquid, would there be enough of a significant weight difference to bother with? Just a random thought. It all looks great.

    • Anonymous on March 30, 2008

      Cuban Refugee Pedals Amphibiously to West Virginia
      Foalo Pirl, 1 April 2008 Osage, WV
      An enterprising, and surprisingly athletic, Cuban refugee named Manuel Pauare has pedalled an amphibious human-powered vehicle to the shores of Osage, WV. In the process he has completely evaded all detection by immigration authorities, Coast Guard, Homeland Security and Highway Patrol in at least 10 states. He evaded detection and detention by authorities simply by being himself – a non-English speaking Hispanic. Whenever he was confronted by anyone, he would begin talking in Spanish. No one could understand a word he said, so they figured he was mentally ill. The appearance of his conveyance confirmed their assumption, so they left him alone.

      The transportation part of his journey wasn’t so easy. In Cuba, due to the lingering effects of the US trade embargo, bicycles are the predominant form of transportation. Food (mainly vegetarian) is produced organically and locally with a resulting high nutritional value. As a result most citizens have remarkable physical strength and stamina. Manuel is remarkable among them. In addition to his excellent fitness he has acquired design and fabrication skills for ultra-efficient human powered vehicles, although he has had to keep his best designs secret. While he worked days as a simple and mild-mannered bicycle mechanic in the streets of Havana, at night he toiled to complete his masterpiece – a simple, seaworthy and roadworthy amphibious craft that would ultimately take him to Florida, along the Gulf Coast, up the Mississipi and Ohio Rivers and finally into the Monongahela River. He traveled mostly at night on both roads and waterways and slept while concealing himself in forests along the way. Much of his food was wild vegetation eaten raw, a diet known to support exceptional endurance.

      When asked why he chose such a long and arduous upstream route, and such a remote destination, he answered (through an interpretation website) “I have constructed a machine that possible America car-addict Earth nation will save the more heavy of environmental disaster. Producing it in Western Virginia I will make the Henry Ford and Aldo Leopold of human energy – and make will Virginia Western a model of the life healthy.”

      The Wattinell corporation has been formed to bring the vehicle to the mass market. Mr Pauare chose West Virginia because of its worldwide reputation for innovation, job creation and generous funding of worthy humanitarian and environmental initiatives – an obvious attempt to redress disasters. No further information on the vehicle is available, except for its model name – Wattinell IZZAT. Mr. Pauaere does not wish to be contacted while he directs final prototyping and production, and establishes US citizenship. He has secured ample start-up funding Through the West Virginia Foundation for Low Technology Solutions (WVFLoTeS). For anyone who might have wished to apply for the position of company test-pilot he says it has already been filled. No further hiring will occur until production begins in early 2009.

    • Anonymous on April 4, 2008

      re:anonymous said…
      With the changing climate in Cuba, hopefully such enterprising individuals as Manuel will be able to bring their ideas to fruition in Cuba. The so-called embargo is actually a US blockade which vindictively and viciously prevents Cuba from carrying out fair trade with any country in the world which does not want to see its trade jepordized and threatened by Us sanctions. At least the US has so far not succeeded in bombing and murdering innocent Cubans to bring them into line with US "democracy" – two party system that is a choice between Tweedle dee and Tweedle dummer, and an electtoral system that, in more than 50% of the electoral jurisdictions leaves no paper trail and can therefore be manipulated to any desired result.

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