• 21st March 2008 - By adventuresofgreg
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    • Ian C on March 23, 2008

      Saw the drawings for your ocean crossing boat, looks good. The flat sides are going to really catch the wind and you could find yourself going as fast sideways as forward. My HPB boat is a basic canoe design with flat sides 300mm deep, and even with a moderate wind it blows the boat sideways despite having a skeg. My experience in kayaks is that the wind and not the waves is the biggest problem. If your boat is fully enclosed then why not have something that resembles a surfaced submarine, minimum hull above the water and a streamlined conning tower.

    • biff on March 24, 2008

      Magnets might be your friend when working with those fans if you plan on removing them often.

      Also That photo of the keel becide your boat gave me the idea that you might want to make a T instead of a post to attach it. On the keel post (the part that stays attached to the boat) if you had it shaped like an upside down T, with a nut or something welded in place about halfway to the boat. Then on the keel shaft (the part that can be removed) have a couple hangers that mate to the horizontal bars of the T, and a bolt that matches up to the nut on the keel shaft. Then you could install it much easier. You would be able to just hang it on the T (slide it on at a little bit of an angle, then let the weight drop vertical), then do up the bolt. Much easier than trying to line up 2 bolts and 2 bolt holes on a boat that doesn't want to be on its side while holding a 30kg weight.

    • DSD on March 26, 2008

      Very cool approach!
      I love your perspectives…

    • David Tangye on March 29, 2008

      I agree with Ian's thoughts re slab-sided craft. My experience of slab-sided yachts is that they slam and crash into waves a lot too, and I would definitely not want to be doing that all the way across the Atlantic.

    • Ashley on October 6, 2008

      That amazing ocean crossing boat..Is it available on ferry crossings will go in minutes..just kidding..!

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