• 18th January 2008 - By adventuresofgreg

    Man and machines – Greg Kolodziejzyk stands beside WiTHiN human powered boat with Critical Power human powered vehicle in the background on the docks at the Victoria Gorge Rowing and Paddling club.

    Mark Dusseault and Greg Kolodziejzyk

    Mark Dusseault is amazing. Mark volunteered to organize a media day at the Gorge Rowing club in Victoria and to say he did a fantastic job would be an understatement.

    Pat Lor and I arrived at the Gorge at 9:00 am and it was pretty well non-stop interviews, talking with the public and demos until 4:00 pm. The afternoon was spent with a crew from Discovery Channel who are filming a follow-up segment for Daily Planet.

    Thanks to Marty and the great guys from the Gorge Rowing and Paddling center for letting us host the event at their facility in the Victoria harbor.

    The story got picked up by the CP news wire feed and the stories are just now being published. Here are a few that were published today:

    Victoria Times Colonist
    Canadian Press
    Prince George Citizen
    Yahoo News
    CBC news
    Calgary Sun

    Here are some more photos from the sea trials in Tofino:

    I’m in the cockpit closely watching my support boat “Close Encounters” through the video monitor

    View from outside the cockpit of my support boat “Close Encounters” – a whale watching boat from the Weigh West Resort and Marina in Tofino, BC

    Sang-Ryun Woo from SBS TV Korea shooting some footage of the sleeping area in the rear of WiTHiN

    I am eating my dehydrated meal in the cockpit of WiTHiN while moored to the dock at Weigh West marina in Tofino. It was a VERY rough night! The video camera that you see was recording some of that miserable night for SBS TV.

    Here is my view from the video viewing system mounted on the top deck of WiTHiN

    Pat Lor finds the top hatch that blew off WiTHiN!!!

    Pat Lor standing by WiTHiN as we wait to board the ferry to Vancouver Island

    A seal in Victoria
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