• 4th December 2007 - By adventuresofgreg

    As I indicated in my previous blog post, the goal for this years Las Vegas marathon was to pace my wife Helen in for a personal best, and a Boston qualifying time goal of 3 hours, 50 minutes. I am very happy to report our MISSION COMPLETE! We smashed her goal and finished in 3 hours, 44 minutes. The time clock in the finish photo above differs from the actual chip time due to over FOUR minutes of congestion getting through the crowds at the start line!

    Helen and I made a deal years ago to do the Boston marathon together, so outside of Ironman training, we’ve both been trying to qualify for Boston. I got lucky and hit my 3 hours, 20 minute time last year, so it looks like we will both be going to Boston in April.

    We were in Las Vegas with Helen’s sister and AOG photographer extraordinaire Jennifer Armand and her husband Cyrille. It was Cyrille’s first marathon and I designed his training program and coached him through it. Our goal for Cyrille was 3:30 and he finished in 3:28 AND a Boston marathon qualification! That’s amazing for a first marathon!!!

    Left to Right: Helen, Greg and Cyrille

    “Across With Greg” sponsorship list growing!

    Thank you all a million times over for your support! The list of “Across with Greg” names to go on WiTHiN is growing every day. Here is a list of all the sponsors to date:


    As I indicated in my last blog post, I am planing on a mini-expedition to the Gulf islands this month or January for further testing. WiTHiN is being painted now, and I plan on adding logos for my corporate and small business sponsors to her before the mini-expedition. I am expecting some press to cover the event, and we are talking to Discovery Channel about filming a follow-up to their original segment on Pedal the Ocean.

    For as little as $250, you could have your company’s logo on WiTHiN for the mini-expedition. Click here for more details:

    $250 small logo & plaque:

    $400 small logo, 3 T-shirts & plaque:

    $1000 bigger logo, 10 T-shirts & plaque:

    $3000 medium logo, advertising content package & plaque:

    $10,000 major sponsor:

    $25,000 title sponsor:

    For an over-view of all of my sponsorship products, click here:

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