• 25th November 2007 - By adventuresofgreg

    Thank you all for your input and advice regarding my sponsorship offerings. In the end, my conclusion was that it is as important to build a community of support as it is to raise the capital that I require to pull it off.


    Therefore, I have decided to sell “Across With Greg” sponsorships that include your name on the expedition boat WiTHiN at an very affordable level of $30. I am also offering packages of 3 and 5 names for $75 and $100. I figure this might make a cool Christmas gift, so with each purchase you get a nice printed folding card that describes what the Pedal the Ocean Atlantic record attempt expedition is about, and features the recipient’s name that will be printed on the boat.

    I am also selling T-shirt + “Across With Greg” name packages for $100, and premium expedition gear packages for $150.

    I have received quite a bit of interest from small businesses interested in having their logos displayed on WiTHiN for an affordable price level. I am offering a small business or group sponsorship package which include your company logo on the boat for $250 – pretty reasonable I think. These small business packages include a framed plaque signifying your companies support for the expedition.

    I have also developed additional sponsorship products that range in price from $400 to a title sponsor position for $25,000.

    I think you will find the online store easy to use. I accept VISA, MasterCard and PayPal. All sponsorships include a 10% donation to KidPower.

    To challenge the current 43 day human powered Atlantic crossing record, I estimate it will end up costing me over $200,000. If any of you are interested, I can provide you with a breakdown of the budget. Assistance in the form of sponsorship income is GREATLY appreciated, but I also value the support you all have given me and hopefully will continue to give me in other, non-financial ways. Just being out there listening and offering your feedback helps me more than you can know! THANK YOU!

    If you can’t join me as an official sponsor, then perhaps you could pass the web site URL along to some friends who you think might be interested in Pedal The Ocean record attempt and/or my KidPower school education program. If we can get news of my quest spread in a viral way, then $30 per name can really add up!!!

    Adding this as a signature in your email is also something that would help:

    Be part of a WORLD RECORD.
    Support Greg’s quest to become the
    fastest human to cross the Atlantic ocean
    under his own power with a $30 “Across With Greg”
    sponsorship that includes YOUR NAME on his boat “WiTHiN”.

    The sponsorship main page where you can make your purchases is here:

    A list of current Across with Greg and corporate sponsors is here:

    The main Pedal the Ocean web site is here:

    To stay on top of my progress, the Blog web site is here:

    More information on KidPower can be found here:

    I thank you for your support. I’m not sure I would be doing this if it wasn’t for you. (well, I probably still would, but it wouldn’t be nearly as fun!).

    Best regards,
    Greg Kolodziejzyk

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