• 3rd July 2007 - By adventuresofgreg

    This is the view from outside my backdoor!

    Sorry for the hiatus in blog updates! I’ve been taking a bit of a breather since the abuse that the 24 hour HPB record inflicted upon my body and mind.

    Helen and I have been focusing on our training for Ironman Canada coming up on August 26th. Calgary is such a great place for Ironman training! A days ride (180 km) and check out the kind of scenery we have to suffer with.

    This is total training heaven: Helen and I drove out to Banff 2 weeks ago and did an hour swim, then a 2 hour trail run in the mountains. We stayed at the breath-taking Banff Spings Hotel http://www.fairmont.com/BanffSprings/, then cycled 120 km home the next day. The following weekend we reversed it by cycling the 120 km to Banff, staying at the Springs again, then doing a long run and swim the next day and driving home.

    This weekend, we cycled 180 km (uphill and into a strong headwind!) to Lake Louise and stayed at another very famous hotel – Chateau Lake Louise http://www.fairmont.com/LakeLouise/. Then the next day, we did a 2 hour hike first thing in the morning, then cycled 2 hours back to Banff and did the 2 hour mountain trail run (a favorite of mine!) and stayed at the Springs again. Then we cycled the 120 km back to Calgary the next day. This is how training should be!!!! To do it right, you need to make your training a part of your life.

    If you check out the links to the hotels you will probably think that level of accommodation is quite excessive – however, periodically Fairmont Hotels, who owns both the Springs and the Chateau, offer some spectacular deals to local Calgarians. Typically some rooms go for over $550 a night, but during special times, locals can get them for $120.

    I think the 24 hour record on June 2 /07 took more out of me than I thought. Since starting back on my triathlon bike, I only just this weekend had my first real great training ride. My knee is almost fully recovered and my runs are up to 2 hours. My swimming sucks as usual, but I’ve been doing some 90 minute long swims without any major drama, so that’s cool.

    My goal in training on the bike this time around is to try to maintain at least race intensity (210 to 220 watts) for my entire long rides (5 to 8 hours), and to make sure that I get more than adequate rest between hard training sessions. My goal for run training is to first and foremost, not injure myself. That means taking more days off between hard or long training sessions to be sure that I am fully recovered.

    I have some weight management goals as well. I want to try to make it to race day at 156 pounds instead of the usual 152 pounds. When I qualified at Ironman Arizona last year, I raced at 156 to 157 pounds and had the race of my life. I am currently 158 pounds which is pretty heavy, but I think it will be OK.


    The plan for this summer was to get WiTHiN ready for the ocean. I still plan on getting that done, but the thought of getting back into the shop and into the epoxy isn’t thrilling me right now, so I’m going to chill a bit more on that.

    As I mentioned before, WIRED magazine has invited me to display Critical Power at NextFest.2007 in September http://www.wirednextfest.com/. They want us to build a new simulator for the show, so that is something that I will probably start on right away. Here is a picture of the concept:

    We need a new sim for the KidPower school presentations anyhow. The old simulator was worked right into Critical Power, streamliner but after a few hundred kids, it just wasn’t robust enough and broke quite often. So, we decided to build a new stand alone unit.

    SolidWorks corporation http://solidworks.com – the same company who makes the awesome software used to design Critical Power, has kindly offered to sponsor the KidPower simulator! This is very good news because we can now afford to build a proper stand-alone simulator that can be used for both the NextFest show and our KidPower school presentations that will start again next fall.

    You can pedal up to 150 watts and navigate via the steering bar through a crowded city street looking at the LCD monitor. The virtual city course is based on an Xbox game – when you turn the steering bar, it moves a push/pull rod which is connected to the thumb knob on an Xbox controller. It’s really quite a lot of fun for both kids and grown-ups alike!


    Check out this really cool European e-magazine called Beta-sway who just did an article on the PedalTheOcean.com project: http://www.endorphinum.de/betasway/ Click on the July issue.


    And the final item is some web site changes. I have changed the main AdventuresOfGreg home page a bit http://www.adventuresofgreg.com, and added some more photos to the 24 hour HPB record http://www.pedaltheocean.com/photos/24hrHPB/index.html

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