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    On Saturday June 2, 2007 starting at 9:00 am MST, I will be transmitting blog updates directly from a camera phone on WiTHiN – probably about one per hour or so. I won’t be emailing these updates, so if you want to follow my progress, you will have to visit the blog home page:


    Ben and John Mackay will try to get to an Internet connection at various points to upload YouTube videos and photos of the action. The RSS feed is here: http://www.adventuresofgreg.com/HPB/hpv.xml

    I will have a cell phone on WiTHiN – it’s hooked right into my iPod. I’ll have plenty of time to chat, so call me if you want. 403-651-2748

    We are meeting the surveyor out at the reservoir tomorrow morning to figure out and measure my course. Tomorrow night is the ‘last supper’. Then Saturday morning I get to work. I am getting kind of excited – looking forward to getting back on the lake. I have been resting this week and I’m almost a full day into my carb loading, so my energy is starting to return.

    URL’s and numbers:

    The main web site: http://www.pedaltheocean.com
    The Blog: http://www.adventuresofgreg.com/HPB/HPBmain.html
    The 24 hour record information page:
    Greg’s on-board phone # 403-651-2748

    Also the new web site is now finished and LIVE:


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    • Anonymous on June 1, 2007

      Hi Greg,

      I admire your courage. It might break the monotony, but still, working through 24 hours *and* sending out messages every hour *and* letting people call you: that is auwsum (no idea how to spell that, but you know what I mean).

      Guus Bonnema, Leiden, The Netherlands.

    • Anonymous on June 1, 2007

      Great interview. I will look forward to the updates during the 24 hours. Hope it all holds together and the weather is kind.

      Rick W.

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