• 28th April 2007 - By greg

    I completed my first long ride today – 5 hours from home to Elbow Falls and back. It felt great – the leg fatigue that I felt on my first 90 minute ride of the season a couple of days ago was gone. My watts average was up as well. My last long ride was the 24 hour distance record on July 22, 2006 – 9 months ago. Today I felt like I could have gone 8 hours if I had to.

    My training goals are to increase my weekly long ride by about 100 km per week. I started with 120 km today, next Friday I’ll do 200, then 250 the next week, then 300, then I’ll taper to 100 km the following week and then the HPB record the week after that. This is going to be fun.

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