• 1st March 2007 - By greg

    Hello from me – circa 1983!

    Phil Events, a good friend of mine scanned and emailed me this photo from his dusty photo archives. We used to spend the weekends cycle touring around the mountains in the area getting into all kinds of various trouble. For those of you who weren’t around in the 80’s, and didn’t live through the “one size too small shorts crisis”, the fluffy hair was just an effort to draw attention away from the hideous short shorts.

    Our weekly “shop day” was pretty easy yesterday. We sanded down the inside surface of the Hyak kayak hull, hot glued strips of 1/2″ Styrofoam around the perimeter, and cut out 2 layers of Fiberglass roving to be epoxied down. Compared to the deck, the hull is pretty feather weight and as it is, we are planning on adding about 30 pounds of ballast to the hull floor, so I don’t see the harm is beefing up the kayak skin. In total strength, it should be about the same thickness as the deck with has 2 layers of heavy fiberglass roving with 2 layers of Kevlar. The kayak hull will have 2 layers of heavy fiberglass roving, one layer of Kevlar and another lighter layer or two of fiberglass.

    Matt and Ben

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