• 28th February 2007 - By adventuresofgreg

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    Greg Kolodziejzyk
    Executive Director & Expedition Leader

    e. greg@pedaltheocean.com
    i. http://www.adventuresofgreg.com

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    • Mikael on March 19, 2007

      Hi Greg
      You have a very interesting project going and I must say I admire your drive and optimism. However, the new drive bay design leaves me a bit puzzeled but maybe I have missed some info somwhere.
      1. Won't the large cut-out in the hull give raise to a lot of drag? How do you intend to seal it when the leg is in driving position?

      2. When raising the drive leg, how are you going to prevent water from sloshing in. OK, the sidewalls rise to above the normal waterline but in any kind of seaway external wave pressure will make the water in the bay rise and fall with the risk of it spilling inte the interior.

    • Adventures of Greg on March 19, 2007

      Hi Mikael:

      Many other pedal driven HPB's use the same drive bay concept. When the drive leg is locked in place, a plug is inserted into the large opening in the bay. The bottom of the plug matches the contour of the hull bottom. When the plug is removed, then water will rise up to the tops of the side walls of the bay, and some could splash in. The idea is to only remove the drive leg when necessary, and then quickly insert the plug.


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