• 1st February 2007 - By greg

    New expedition name, logo and web site!
    Expedition management company RaceRecon is on-board

    Introducing “Pedal The Ocean”
    The Human Powered Trans Atlantic Speed Record Expedition

    A big update today with lots of important news. First and foremost, I am signed a deal with Pat Brothers from RaceRecon, an expedition management company based in Sydney Australia, and the first order of business was a dedicated web site for the expedition, new name and logo.

    So I got back to the drawing board and came up with PedalTheOcean, a spiffy logo and registered the domain name www.pedaltheocean.com which should be up in a week or so.

    RaceRecon will be providing expedition support and expertise. I choose RaceRecon because they have some experience with expeditions of this type (see Crossing The Ditch.com , around Australia paddle expedition , circumnavigating Peurtico by kayak and one more very large expedition around Greenland which has not been announced yet), but mostly because Pat is a guy I can really relate to. He is a sub 10 hour Ironman triathlete and is a total geek like me. He digs watts and spreadsheets and aerodynamics and is a pretty decent web designer. He also ‘gets’ it when it comes to what we need to do to provide value to a sponsor and how adventure expeditions can be run like a business.

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