• 28th January 2007 - By greg

    I’ve been working on a new promotional video that will become part of a sponsor package. It’s important, so I have been spending a lot of time working on it. I quickly outgrew Imovie HD and upgraded to Final Cut Express – wow, what an editing package! I am very impressed. You would not believe how long this 8 minute clip took to produce!

    The YouTube version below doesn’t do it justice because you can’t read most of the small titles – much of it was shot in 1080i High Definition and it looks pretty spectacular on the big 1080i screen here. Much less so in Google Video or Youtube. It originally featured some really cool music from my collection, but I want to stay legal, so I substituted a Creative Commons tune that I liked – “What Planet Are We On” by Five Star Fall, as well as a cool number from my Brothers Band – The Plaid Tongued Devils “Miserlou”.

    A giant boat condom

    I have been falling behind with the boat construction. Way too busy in the office trying to get this whole expedition mapped out – A budget, a schedule, an outline for a sponsorship drive, and this video. On top of that, training for Ironman Arizona is ramping up and I’m putting in about 3 hours a day on the bike, in the pool or on the track. Things are looking really good though – my fitness is starting to improve, I am making some headway with the expedition planning and we are slowing making progress on the boat.

    I have a bit of an announcement to make soon regarding the direction and scope of this expedition. I have been negotiating with an expedition management team out of Australia that could take this whole idea to another level. I’ll keep you informed.

    Last Tuesday the team was over and we ended up goofing off and talking for most of the day. However, we did accomplish one thing and that was to build and test a giant vacuum bag for Within’s next inside layer composite layup.

    I have been really concerned about glassing the inside layer because all of the tests I have conducted to date resulted in disappointment. The edges of the wetted out cloth peel up and I wanted to wrap the fiberglass and Kevlar right around the edge of the deck. I discovered that the only way to get a nice, tight layup around that edge was to vacuum bag the entire deck. So, we built a giant plastic bag with Gorilla Tape, and inserted the boat deck into it, sealed up the end and pulled a vacuum. It worked great! We don’t have much vacuum pressure, but the plastic sucked down to the form enough to press fiberglass and Kevlar fabric against the deck walls while the epoxy cures.

    The plan for this Tuesday is to actually do the wet layup – a big day. Two layers of composite, tons of epoxy, wrap the giant boat condom over it all and vacuum all the air out. Then I need to get moving on the drive unit – then the bulkheads and drive bay and seat.

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