• 16th December 2006 - By greg

    Thanks for your comments on my previous Within Human Powered Boat logo ideas. Most of you thought that perhaps the logo wasn’t strong enough and I agree. I was sort of going with a typical boat logo – you know, sort of scripty and often free-hand or brush stroke. Human powered boats are interesting, different and represent a new approach to water travel. The logo should say that, so I gave it another shot.

    Let me know what you think, as your comments really do help the whole process.

    Click to enlarge

    I like the above two logos the best. They are modern looking, clean, will reproduce well and will be fairly readable and visible on Within’s hull. The Within logo on the upper left represents a prop spinning – perhaps the i dots resemble bubbles that a spinning prop might produce. The dots the form a circle in the middle of the logo type focus your attention to the middle of the logo – or WITHIN the logo. The circular shape created by the dots also resembles a gear. The shape formed by the top of this logo resembles the shape of the boat travelling left with the flying dots forming the shape of the canopy.

    The logo on the upper right is an exagerated version of prop spin. It looks more like a spinning prop, and the double concentric circles looks like two chain rings. You definitely think of circular movement – like the turning of pedals, the spinning of a prop.

    These four logos self explanatory – the man forming his arms directing attention to within himself. Or, he is holding a gear above his head. I think this one is too complex

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