• 3rd May 2006 - By greg

    May 3

    May 3, 2006

    New CriticalPower logos

    The original concept behind the skull and cross bones logo stemmed from the fact that the raw dusty black carbon shell with the white dome made CriticalPower look kind of like a Rat Rod. Rat Rods are hot rod’s from the 1950’s where the builders spent far more time and consideration on the engine than the body aesthetics They were usually painted flat black with white wall tires. Logos were seriously mean. Here are a few photos of some Rat Rods:

    See the resemblance?

    Now that CriticalPower will sport a glossy silver paint job, the logo needs to be changed from the crude looking skull and cross bones to something cleaner and more modern. I want to keep the tough look, but sharpen it up a bit. Here are some ideas. Let me know what one you like – or what you don’t like:

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