• 28th March 2006 - By greg

    March 28

    March 28, 2006

    Since I posted this photo of Greg B and myself sporting our new, super cool CriticalPower T-shirts, I have been besieged with requests for T-shirts! The world has gone completely CP Crazy. (ok, not actually. What really happened was Thom Ollinger sent me an email asking if he could buy one, so I thought it would be cool to make the design available for anyone else who might like to join in on my fashion statement).

    Zazzle.com is this very slick web site where you can create your own T-shirt design, then make it available for the world to buy. You can also customize the shirt color and other aspects of the design including adding your own text!

    Since the Human Powered Vehicle Association has done so much for me, and the whole human power community, I figured it would be nice to give something back. $2 a T-shirt isn’t a whole lot, but if I can just get a measly 50% of the US and Canadian (and Mexican and, say only 25% of Europe) population to buy one, that will be a donation of, um… well, millions I think.

    So do it now! Click here to join the Human Power revolution! And while you have your credit card out, go to the HPVA web site and buy a $32 membership to the Human Powered Vehicle Association.

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