• 18th July 2005 - By greg

    July 18

    July 18, 2005

    Perimeter laminations

    Ben came over yesterday and we added carbon laminations to the perimeter of the seat cut-out.


    1. I use my router and rounded a 1/4″ radius around all of the edges. Not the outside edge – I’m still waiting for the fairing mold because I trace the fairing shape onto the carbon board.
    2. Rounding the edges included the holes for the bottom brackets and headtubes.
    3. This shows how the steering headtube bracket fits into the carbon frame. The aluminum triangular part is the steering arm for remote steering linkage.
    4. We added 3 layers of 6.7 oz unidirectional carbon tape cut to about 1.5″ wide. This tape will not curve around the edge radius.
    5. Ben wetting out the uni tape.We also added 1 layer of 11.1 oz weave cut at 45 degrees to the direction of the weave and wrapped it right around the edges. I was going to add 2 layers of 5 oz, but I found that the 11 oz curved around the corners just fine. I guess we were elbow deep in epoxy by that point which is probably why there is no photo of the weave.
    6. Strips of peel ply was taped to hold it all together, then we wrapped cellophane around all of the bends to keep it all nice and tight while it cured.
    7. The plywood lid went back on top with weights to hold it flat. One of the benefits of making a carbon frame this way, is you can ensure that your geometry stays level, flat and true every step of the way by simply making sure it stays flat when curing.
    8. The next day I peeled off the peel ply and plastic – it worked out very nice. Needs a bit of clean-up, but generally it’s pretty good.
    9. The next step is to repeat exactly what we did for the seat cut-out with the wheel wells, and head tube holes.Then I need to reinforce the heck out of the two very thin areas behind the front tire, and in front of the rear tire.

    Then I add some 11 oz cloth to the areas that require reinforcement – like around the headtubes, BB fork, etc.

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